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Social Butterfly

After what had been a tremendous weekend, Monday hit with the return of grey skies, rain and cold temperatures. I had hoped that the pleasant weather was around to stay, not least because on Tuesday, I’d booked the day off work to go and get a tattoo.

The last tattoo I had was when I was 18. It was such a different experience, and probably one that contributed to me not getting another one until now. I’ve been pondering a tattoo on my hand for well over a year. I’m fascinated by people’s hands, I think they convey so much about a personality. Add to that my love of jewellery, nail decoration and general hand adornment and it’s not difficult to see why I would want a tattoo on my hand. What took me so long? Deciding what to have. In the end, it was a throwaway comment by someone who said I’m such a social butterfly, perhaps that’s what I should get a tattoo of, that was the deciding factor.

After much Pinterest deliberation, I finally settled on the design and last Tuesday was the big day. Yes, it hurt. Of course it hurt, but it was bearable and I’m so pleased with the end result. People keep asking me if this is the start of me getting tattoos, but to be honest, as much as I love to collect lots of things, tattoos isn’t one of them. I love this one, but I’m quite happy to settle with just the two I have.

The rest of the week passed with the usual round of school runs and work, but Friday evening, the chap was coming across, it was date night. We went to my (current) favourite Indian restaurant, the Taj. I say current because, over the years I’ve had a few, but every now and again they go into new ownership and go downhill. The Taj has only been there a year or so, it’s a BYOB place and it’s always busy. Not surprising, their food is delicious.

We had a meal for 2, which was huge and so tasty. We didn’t take many photographs, not even an outfit shot. I think we just forgot. After dinner, we went to a local Indie bar, Craft. It’s such a cosy little bar where lots of locals go. Needless to say they sell lots of craft ales and ciders, and I can always get a delicious stout of some description in there. Friday night I tried two different ones, which went straight to my head. We sat and people watched, talked and laughed until it was time to head home.

Saturday morning I got my haircut. I’m doing a much better job at keeping on top of my short hair now than I ever did before. Later on, in the afternoon, we decided to take a trip over to the small town of Kirkbymoorside. I’ve never been before, I think Mum had been talking to someone about it a few weeks back and decided we needed to pay a visit. It’s a cute little place, with a handful of pubs, cafes and charity shops along a traditional little high street.

We stopped for coffees and tea cakes in a coffee bar at the back of a hotel, perused the charity shops and I popped my head in the church grounds because I always like to look at historical churches. I didn’t go in though.

Mirror selfie outfit shot in lots of warm layers

Then we headed back to nearby, Pickering. Parked up, we perused the charity shops there. It’s rare that I come back empty handed from the Pickering charity shops, and Saturday didn’t disappoint. Mum found me this beautiful ‘Banned’ goth blouse, a steal at £5.75 and a perfect partner to the goth skirt that the chap bought me for Christmas, and that I wore to a party a few weeks back.

After pottering around a few more shops, we finished up with dinner in Cappelmans chip shop, which seems to be a regular stop on days out in Pickering, before heading home.

Sunday was a mixture of children’s party, catching up with friends and grocery shopping. A quiet close to the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Social Butterfly

  1. How weird, we’ve both chosen the same title for today’s blog post!
    That tattoo is so pretty. I’d never considered a hand tattoo but it’s a lovely, feminine addition. Your hair is fabulous and suits you short. Loving the Goth-inspired blouse.
    I’m fancying a curry now!
    Have a fab weekend. xxx

  2. I thought I was seeing things, but yes, both you and Vix have published posts with the same title 🙂
    I’m loving your tattoo, that butterfly was just the perfect choice.
    I loved tagging along with you to Kirkbymoorside and Pickering, and that “goth blouse” your Mum found you is a stunner! xxx

  3. The hand tattoo is pretty. I don’t have any tattoos. The reason for that is that I am so indecisive, I’m worried I would immediately regret it and wish I’d had something different.
    Also loving that goth blouse. It’s a stunner! x

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