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York Minster and a Birthday Meal

A few weeks back, at the start of October, it was my birthday. 21 again! The day before, me and little miss went down to York to spend the day with the Chap, my friend H and her son. The main road from Scarborough to York was closed for roadworks, so I decided to buy a friends and family railcard and get the train down to York.

Imposing view of the Minster

I’ve never had a railcard before, but they really do make a difference to the ticket prices, but I will need to use it a few more times to get my ‘investment’ back. I don’t think that’ll be a problem though, it’s valid for a year. Anyway, I digress. Little Miss and I caught the train down to York, and she was an absolute delight the whole way, mostly colouring in pages I had put in my handbag before leaving the house.

The chap met us at the train station, and gave me a bag full of presents for my birthday, which would fall on the following day. I was already wearing one of the gifts he had bought for me, some fabulous Vans pumps, so I was intrigued as to the contents of the bag.

We walked up into town, stopping off for a coffee on the way, and meeting H outside the Minster. I’ve been in the Minster before, but only for services, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to take a proper look around. It’s astounding.

As seat to the Archbishop of York, the Minster has long been an important centre of the Church of England with strong links to the Monarchy. What I hadn’t appreciated was the expansive history of the minster. The first stone church was built on the site in 633, with a Minster first being built around 1080, and expanding over the years to the magnificent building we see today.

Dress – Cath Kidston, jacket – Barbour, Bag – Mulberry

It’s visits to York Minster that always makes me think how wonderful it would be to be a stonemason. Such an ancient craft that’s still thriving in the stoneyards of York Minster as they continuously maintain this vast historic structure.

As you would expect with any cathedral, it is filled with grand displays of stained glass windows, historical religious artefacts, and a fascinating undercroft and crypt. Definitely well worth the visit.

Little Miss learning to build minsters
Trying out some regal fancy dress

Back on the streets of York, we had a little wander around taking in some of the Sunday afternoon vibe. Even on a Sunday it was busy and the street entertainers were attracting the crowds. Then we wandered up to Bills, where we had a table booked for dinner. We were a little early, but they were still able to get us in at an inviting table at the back of the restaurant. I enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal, which I can’t remember what it was now (I need to start bringing a notebook out with me) and then we had mini deserts with our coffees which was all very delicious, and left me feeling super full.

H gave me some more lovely gifts for my birthday, a Selenite bowl for holding my crystal jewellery, and a beautiful jewellery set.

Then I opened one of the presents from the chap (saving the other for my actual birthday the following day) to find a totally bonkers and unusual LoungeFly Nightmare Before Christmas bag, complete with light up pumpkin head. He knows me so well, and I’ve been using the bag ever since.

It was a lovely and relaxed end to the day before me and Little miss head off for the train home.

6 thoughts on “York Minster and a Birthday Meal

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! We didn’t go into York Minster the one time we were in York. It does look absolutely stunning. As a side note, although I’ve been living and/or working in Antwerp for almost 40 years, I have only been inside the cathedral to buy a guidebook for a UK friend …
    Loving the Selenite bowl and jewellery set H. gave you, and the bag the chap got you is absolutely fabulous! xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday to you! What a wonderful way to spend your special day. You look very regal in your ermine trimmed cape!
    That bowl and the fabulous jewellery are making my knees go weak, they’re gorgeous. You’ve got a keeper there! xxx

  3. Belated happy birthday!! I spotted you on Nancy’s Fashion Style and just had to pop over to say hello (as a fellow Yorkshire lass – although I left Rotherham for Portugal when I was ten!). I knew I’d love your content as soon as I saw the bag your husband gave you!!! I LOVE stuff like that!
    I visited York about ten years ago, such a beautiful place. I’d love to return one day. Although if I make it back over to England any time soon, I’m desperate to check out Whitby!

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