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Turning 40

Well, it has been a long time since I last posted. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to post about, from celebrating the chap’s birthday at a beautiful country pub, to attending a beautiful wedding of some friends at the luxurious Hotel Du Vin in York, it’s all been happening, I just haven’t found the time to document it all. I wouldn’t, however, let something as big as turning 40 pass by without note.

The stuff I didn’t find time to write about

Turning 40 never filled me with dread, despite people asking me frequently if I was worried about it, like it was some badge of impending doom that, once over the threshold of I would immediately turn grey, need a zimmer frame and forget how to dress with my usual brand of pizazz. I can confirm, none of the above happened and actually, I’m grateful to hit the milestone, so many don’t.

I marked the occasion well and took both Friday and Monday that bordered my birthday weekend off work to extend the celebrations for as long as possible. Friday afternoon I had booked one of my favourite local cafe’s Oliver’s on the Mount, for an afternoon tea with my Mum.

The weather was amazing and it was clear blue sky views over the bay as we sipped our tea and sampled the fanciful delights from what is truly the most beautiful cake stand I think I’ve ever encountered. It was a very civilised and pretty start to the events of the weekend, and indeed the events of that day which were, unbeknownst to me, to include a lot more cake.

That evening, I was meeting my lovely friends Caroline and Anna for a celebratory birthday meal at Marisco lounge on the seafront. As we stepped out of the car on Sandside, Anna, who is an extremely talented baker of artisan celebration cakes fetched a giant white box from the back of the car. Seated in Marisco lounge (which I won’t go into too much detail about, but you can read Caroline’s experience here) I was presented with the most amazing Pina Colada cake.

I mean, just look, it’s a work of art, and I can confirm that it tasted absolutely exquisite too. Anna did advise that if I didn’t get through it all then it could be frozen, you won’t be surprised to know that it never reached the freezer and was all eaten by Wednesday.

The actual day of my birthday, Saturday, brought terrible weather which, quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered to step outside into. I stayed home, ate cake, opened some of my lovely gifts and cards from friends and family and chilled in front of the TV.

Off to the Ivy

Sunday was the busiest day of all since I’d booked a table for us, the chap, and my friend H at the Ivy in York. I love it there. It’s so special and the food is always so delicious. We were shown to a beautiful table in the middle of the restaurant, and I was given beautiful gifts of Champagne, fabulous new wine glasses with the Kraken etched into them (I’m a bit obsessed with things with giant octopus on at the moment) a fabulous new Star Wars charm for my Pandora bracelet which is steadily becoming a Star Wars themed bracelet, Prosecco and a beautiful beaded bracelet that my friend made for me (I have very talented friends). I was so spoiled throughout my birthday and had so many beautiful things bought for me, I can’t even list them, I’m very grateful.

At the Ivy, I tried Monkfish for the first time, which was delicious, and of course, enjoyed a chocolate bomb because, have you even been to Ivy if you haven’t enjoyed a chocolate bomb?

We left during the early evening, and we’d all had a truly tremendous time. I genuinely had a warm fuzzy feeling about all of my birthday celebrations and yes, while it is always lovely to get presents, the time spent actually being with friends and family and really enjoying eachothers company, well, that’s the real treat isn’t it?


After cramming all that in, I wasn’t entirely finished and decided that a trip North to the seaside village of Staithes was exactly what was in order. It was definitely the right choice, the air had cooled and a little wander through the hilly winding streets, down to the seafront was just perfect. We went to a pub called the Cod and Lobster, which was a seafood lover’s paradise where I devoured the most beautiful pot of mussels I think I’ve ever had.

A gentle drive home along the coast road, and my weekend birthday celebrations were all done, but what a lovely way to celebrate.

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