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Snow is Falling, All Around Me

Last Sunday the snow arrived in Scarborough, along with a drop in temperatures to -4. On Monday morning it took me no less than half an hour to defrost the car so that I could take little Miss to school. It was her Christmas carol concert, which the school decided to do in the hall as opposed to the church as had originally been planned. Even though we were all crammed in, it was great to see her first carol concert.

Christmas tree in all its glory

Later that afternoon, we decided to put the Christmas tree up. I usually resist putting it up so early, but since I had a day off work, it made sense. Little Miss loves to help decorate the tree, and happily spent an hour adding baubles all over.

so cold, every trip out is like an Arctic expedition

One thing you can usually rely on here is that the snow won’t settle for long, because of the salty sea air. With temperatures averaging around -4 for the remainder of the week though it wasn’t going anywhere and it’s been a battle to stay warm. Thelma hates the cold so much, so has tried to stay out of it as much as possible, preferring to sit by the fire and stay warm.

Thursday came around soon enough, the day of my work Christmas party. What with changes in jobs, pregnancy and lockdown I haven’t been to proper Christmas party in about 5 to 6 years. Me and my good friend H, who also happens to work with me, have been looking forward to the party ever since we said we would go.

Glammed up

I bought a new outfit especially, which was super glam, and fit the venue of the Principal hotel in York, perfectly. I must confess, having not been out dancing in such a long time, I did dance the night away, right up until the end of the party. It was absolutely fantastic.

I didn’t feel so fantastic the next day when my knees would no longer work. After dropping little Miss at school for her last day, and her own school Christmas party, I went back to bed for a couple of hours. The chap arrived in the afternoon though, and after picking little Miss up early (half day on the last day of term) we went to The Rowntree Lodge for lunch.

I’d never been there before, it’s just somewhere I’d passed and happened to see the sign for. I’m so glad we did though, it was lovely and off the beaten track enough to mean we had the place to ourself. Perfect. The chap enjoyed a fry-up while I had a gorgeous egg and halloumi sandwich, while little miss enjoyed yet more cake to add to all the cake she’d eaten at her school party.

Festive in the Rowntree Lodge

We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling away from the cold, finishing off the day with Friday fish and chips. Despite the weather it was actually a really fun filled week. I’d like to say that the snow has gone and now we’re basking in the double figure temperatures that the weather reporters keep promising, but alas, no. I’m sure that the coming week will be equally busy though, and I definitely won’t be on before Christmas, so, however you choose to spend it, have a Merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Snow is Falling, All Around Me

  1. Although we’ve been having sub-zero temperatures for most of the week, we haven’t seen any snow yet in my part of the world. I’m so glad that we’re renting garage space though, as I absolutely hate defrosting the car. I’m sure it was well worth it though for Little Miss’s first carol service!
    Loving your glam office party outfit, and the Rowntree Lodge looks very inviting! xxx

  2. We had an inch or so of snow last Sunday but it stayed put all week. My PC keeps telling me that it’s snowing in Walsall right now but other than a couple of flurries I think we’ve escaped. I’m not a fan!
    You look gorgeous in your party outfit and the Rountree Lounge looks lovely. Thelma is such a cutie. xxx

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