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New Year, New Job, New Hair

It’s hard to believe that almost a week has passed since we welcomed in 2024. It seems such a distant memory, probably because it’s been rather a busy week since.

Monday, New Year’s Day the chap came across to join us for a meal to celebrate New Year. I’d ordered the gammon from the butcher along with my Christmas meat. The original intention had been to have it with Christmas dinner, but then I realised I’d ordered far too much meat for us, and froze it for New Year.

Slightly blurred photo taken by Little Miss

To welcome in the New Year, I decided to get dressed up. It was the perfect chance to wear my new green velvet dress that I’d picked up in the sales, and my green glittery Irregular Choice shoes. I made us a glorious feast of roast gammon and all the trimmings. Then, to follow I made my first ever pavlova. A mulled pear pavlova which I’d found the recipe for in a Christmas magazine I bought at the start of December. It was a resounding success, and every bit as delicious as it sounds. I did a quarter of it as strawberry as Little Miss wasn’t too keen on the mulled pears.

I washed it down with a glass of Whitby Gin, Prince of Darkness special edition and tonic, which was one of my surprise gifts under the Christmas tree from the chap, and is absolutely delicious.

We finished the night by watching the Witches, before the chap headed off for home.

The following day, I was back to work. Towards the end of last year, I’d been put at risk of redundancy in my job due to a structure change. Thankfully, I managed to secure myself a job in the new structure, and Tuesday was my first day at it, and so there’s been a lot to read and a lot to learn and take in this week.

New Year, New William Morris notebook for work

Before Christmas, I’d bought myself a copy of The Almanac 2024, in a bid to help me to slow down and pay more attention to what’s happening in nature around me, and also to give me some prompts for things to do with Little Miss. Tuesday night, when all was quiet and I had some time to read it I quite liked the suggestion of changing a tablecloth at the start of each month as a way to mark the start of a new month and give a new feel to your environment. Remembering I had a fresh new tablecloth in my linen box, I quickly changed the table cloth and instantly felt a feeling of freshness in the house. I’ll definitely be adopting this new routine.

A nice fresh table cloth, candle and flowers from the chap

Wednesday grew even busier at work, although I have to say, I was still enjoying it so the rest over Christmas must have done me some good. Afterwards though, I took Mum out to the local B&M (for those of you not in the UK, this is a bargain chain store that sells everything from hammers to chocolate) anyway, I ended up buying a new record player because it was reduced and I’ve wanted one for such a long time, even though the only vinyl I own is a Sex Pistols single that was my Dad’s.

Filled with buyers remorse at buying something I didn’t really need, we then went up to the Crown Spa hotel on the South Cliff for coffees. We’ve not been up there in years so I forgot just how relaxing and inviting it is. We sat staring out at the dark sky over the sea, wondering if we’d see any of the meteor shower taking place that evening, but alas there was too much cloud cover for that. We headed home, where I joyfully unwrapped my record player and played my one record a couple of times, before embarking on the tedious task of taking my Christmas decorations down.

I never used to be much for Christmas decorations, but that’s changed ever since Little Miss came along. I add to my collection each year now, which means each year takes slightly longer to put them up and take them down, but it’s worth it for the festive cheer they bring.

Thursday night, fully needing some R&R after the busyness of the day, I decided to watch the film that I’ve heard so many people talking about, Saltburn. Honestly, it was not at all what I was expecting, but was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off it the whole time, which is praise indeed from me because I usually have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to films.

Friday night was back to the routine of Fish and Chips and a film, and after a busy week I did wind down with a glass of Prince of Darkness too. I think that will be my Friday treat now as it’s such a nice way to mark the end of the week. Saturday morning I was up nice and early to finally get my haircut.

I’d been quite unwell before Christmas, so I had to cancel my appointment which means that, by the time I got there on Saturday, my hair was well over my eyes and doing my head in. So nice to have it cut and be back to myself. Followed by a couple of hours at a lovely birthday of one of Little Misses class friends, we headed off to the nearby village of Scalby for tea and a late lunch.

It was such a dull and drizzly day, there wasn’t really much else to do than to pass an hour in the Yew Tree, where I sipped Lemon and Ginger tea and had a delightful bacon and Brie panini. I couldn’t fit any cake in, so I bought some to bring home. On the way home, I needed to stop off at the shop, which just happened to be near a charity shop so I quickly stuck my head in to check out their vinyl.

As a lifetime glasses wearer, I’ve been referred to as Nana Muskouri on more than one occasion. I didn’t really know who she was, so when I spotted the LP for £1, I had to have it. We popped back up to the Crown Spa for a Saturday afternoon drink, watching darkness start to fall over the sea, before heading home.

There was a mystery parcel on my doorstep when I got back, and I couldn’t fathom what it might be. It was a lovely surprise from the chap of course, a Jimi Hendrix LP to play on my new record player.

So, I’ve gone from no Vinyl, to some vinyl, which is very exciting indeed, and at least means I can use my record player.

Today has been a chilled day of doing laundry and a nice little wander on the sea, ready to start the week ahead.

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Job, New Hair

  1. What a fabulous post! You look amazing in every outfit especially that opulent green velvet number. I love your new hair and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being compared to Nana Mouskouri – she was my Dad’s favourite and still looks amazing today.
    We’re the opposite to you, we’ve got every piece of vinyl we’ve ever bought since we started buying as 11 year olds but the house is so cluttered that we can’t get to the record player to listen to them!
    Wasn’t Saltburn incredible? There’s something utterly mesmerising about Barry Keoghan, I can’t take my eyes off him…those eyes! xxx

  2. Sounds like you made the most of your time off Louise!
    I like the sound of your Christmas gin and your velvet dress is lovely. I treated myself to some velvet trousers before Christmas and feel so glamorous wearing them, even when I’m just idling around the house!
    You’ll no doubt become addicted to buying vinyl, so I’m glad you’re all set with a new job. You have an interesting collection going.
    Saltburn was brilliant wasn’t it? Quite a twist. x
    P.S. I do envy those sea views.

  3. Love the new hair, and your green velvet dress is a stunner!
    I’m glad to hear you’ve managed to secure a job in your company’s new structure, but I’m totally getting how stressful a new job can be. There will probably be a couple of changes at my place of work as well, which makes me secretly glad I’m not all that far from retirement!
    A new record player sounds like a wise buy and how wonderful to receive that Jimi Hendrix LP from the chap! xxx

  4. I love the green dress & shoes. Your hair looks fab! Also, I too bought Lisa’s almanac for my partner. I still need to get the 2024 copy for myself! Looks like you had a lovely time

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