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New Wheels and a spot of DIY

Well, it’s been a while since I last blogged. I must get into a better habit. I started blogging with my first blog 11 years ago. I was very dedicated to blogging and met some fab people, like Vix, who I’m still in touch with to this day. Blogging has still helped me to make some lovely friends, people like Caroline and Rachel, but I just need to get a bit more regular with my updates.

Anyway, what’s been happening at chez Louise? Last weekend I was very excited to pick up my new car. I decided a short while back that my daily commute on the train was far too stressful and unreliable. Delayed or cancelled trains became a thing of habit, and waiting around on freezing cold platforms after a long day at work is nothing short of soul destroying. No, it was time to swap it for driving, but not in my old Beetle with its selection of electrical issues. I traded her in for another VW, somewhat more robust for the long drive.

New mummy mobile

I’ve been driving all week and, have to say, it’s already feeling much better.

I’ve not really been doing much of note to be honest, between a heavy workload, damn awful British weather and a little lady who has been a little poorly, there’s not been much time even for sleep, let alone other activities. I’m hopeful we’ve turned a corner there though as we did actually manage to venture out for dinner at a local pub yesterday. Something we haven’t done in a while.

£2 bargain from the charity shop

As for today’s plans, well I’m going to make a delicious roast chicken dinner, fill some holes in some upstairs doors where door handles were removed. Then I will put this gorgeous vintage ceramic door plate that I picked up for a princely £2 in the charity shop this week, on Little Miss’ door!

As well as that, there will be plenty of playtime, I put this dolls house together today. It’s a bit bland though so I need to keep an eye open in charity shops for furnishings.

Needs some furniture

Then it’ll be time to get ready for another busy week ahead. I know, exciting hey?

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