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My Boudoir – A work in progress

Really, my whole house is a work in progress. I’m slowly building a home that reflects me well, as I think a home should. Not a minimalist, nor a clutter bunny. With a love of vintage and especially slightly bohemian spaces, I’m curating bits here and there for all rooms in the house, and I don’t think it will be mission/project that will be finished… ever really.

I thought, however, that I would give you a little look around my bedroom, so far. This room is the biggest of the bedrooms, but it’s also an attic room so struggles with light. Believe it or not it was red and black when I moved in… and quite hideous. One wall, behind the bed is now papered in a lovely duck egg blue Art Deco inspired wallpaper by Laura Ashley. I bought it for a song on eBay and absolutely love it. The Renoir print was about £5 in a charity shop and It appeals to me because the lady isn’t perfect, but she has beauty and was certainly beautiful enough for Renoir to want to paint her. She reminds me to embrace my flaws.

The other walls are all neutral and the pitched ceiling is pale cream. I’m looking out for the perfect lampshade. I did have a pink chandelier type up there but, little Miss always used to look at it, so when I decorated her room in pink and white I moved it into there for her. I’ll find the right shade eventually.

My bed (also an eBay purchase) gives a nod to vintage glamour with the velour and crystal studs. It’s a new one, and I do love it as the focal point of the room. The cushion that graces it was a £3 charity shop find last week. What a bargain.

There’s always a pile of toys and children’s books beside my bed for snuggly Saturday/Sunday mornings with little Miss.

My discreet bookcase was once a cheap pine shoe rack, which I painted. Last week though, inspired by Pearl Lowe’s book, Faded Glamour, I popped a tasseled shawl that I’d bought in Barcelona 13 years ago over it. Far more befitting of the room now, don’t you think?

The stunning 1960s pink satin covered dressing table was from a vintage furniture dealer in Harrogate before I moved from the Dales to the Coast. I can’t remember how much it was but I know it wasn’t terribly expensive.

The necklace holder above is homemade from some driftwood I found on a beach in the Scottish Highlands, and a few cup hooks. The mirror nor the lamp here are right, again they are things I am keeping my eyes peeled for.

There you have it. My boudoir. Unfinished, but already a peaceful space that I love.

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