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Making, Seeing, Doing – November Tales

It’s been a funny old month. Usually as November progresses, I find myself getting more and more geared up for the social activities of the coming season. This year though, I’ve found myself being more contemplative. Perhaps it was something to do with that Scorpio moon, but as the days and nights have grown darker and more wintery, I’ve forgone the adventures, the trips, and of course the blog tales for more earthy, homely and seasonal pursuits. It’s been wonderful.

That’s not to say I’ve not enjoyed a social life at all. We had a curry night at a friend’s house a couple of weekends back, which was a great opportunity to catch up with some visiting friends from London and play quiz games, drink wine and eat a delicious Biryani.

Curry night with friends

Then there’s been after work dates with the chap and suchlike. When it comes to decisions about whether to write a blog post, or to go foraging in the local park with Little Miss for materials for making our Christmas wreath though, the latter has won.

Pizza and beer at the hop

It was very rewarding too. I mean, we spent a whole morning collecting fallen pine branches and cones, holly and dried out oak leaves. We got home, emptied them (and a multitude of creatures that I’d mistakenly displaced from their happy forest homes) onto the floor of the back room. Then we spent a whole afternoon crafting a very pleasing Christmas wreath. My hands weren’t so pleased, it’s hard working with those materials, and should I do this again next year I will be wearing gloves.

Our homemade wreath from foraged materials

Even when we have gone out to places, they’ve been more reflective and thoughtful trips. For example, last Wednesday night, the chap came across and we took a trip to The Fading Lights of Ruins installation at St. Mary’s church (the burial place of Anne Bronte).

It’s part of this year’s Scarborough fair festival, and it was absolutely wonderful. Dark and atmospheric, with a sombre and thoughtful soundtrack playing in the background. Art exhibitions in ancient churches seem to be becoming a bit of a thing for me.

The mixture of the dark spaces, the religious statues and alters and then the sculptures lit so brightly in UV and bold colours made for a very different experience.

I found it so meditative, just to sit there and let the sounds wash over me while I focussed on the installation. I’d be tempted to visit again I liked it so much. I’m so happy they are putting things like this on in the town too, it means we don’t have to travel out too far for something cultural and a bit alternative to the norm.

Once the weekend came though, we did travel out. Saturday we visited a craft fair at nearby Scampston hall.

Scampston hall

As the designated driver, these events are always a bit torturous since, I can’t enjoy the mulled wine that is always inevitably available. I didn’t really buy anything either, I’d already made my own wreath. I knit, I sew, I bake, so there’s usually very little at the craft fairs for me to buy. I know, I sound like a terrible miser.

Pain Perdu from Posh Eggs cookbook

Sunday, after a morning of yoga and Pain perdu for breakfast, I took little Miss across to another Scarborough event, Scarborough sparkle. This one is always a little bit livlier, with a fairground, the local radio station, food stalls and a large tipi to get a drink in.

Toasting marshmallows

We went on the big wheel (at little Misses request) which she then worried we would get stuck at the top of. We didn’t, thankfully. We ate hot dogs, met Elsa, Anna and the Grinch and toasted marshmallows in the fire pit in the tipi tent. It all felt very seasonal indeed.

Of course, I still didn’t get any mulled wine, but that’s ok because we did have a lovely festive time. At some point I need to tackle wrapping the Christmas presents, but for now I’m putting that off as far as I can with the excuse that, it’s still November. Just!

2 thoughts on “Making, Seeing, Doing – November Tales

  1. I’m not at all into Xmas but The Faded Lights of Ruins is absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to see that! You can’t beat a curry and a few beers with mates, can you?
    I have a similar dilemma about craft fairs, several of my friends are artists/artisans and although I feel like I should go to be a supportive pal I’d only be cluttering up their stalls chatting as I don’t buy and don’t eat cakes. xxx

  2. I’m totally with you on foregoing adventures and being more contemplative. After all, foraging for materials and making a wreath with Little Miss is far more important than writing that blog post, and something she’ll remember for years to come.
    The Fading Lights of Ruins looks absolutely fantastic and I can imagine it being very meditative.
    I’m sure you’ll get that mulled wine in the end 🙂 xxx

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