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Just Like a Mini-break

Last weekend was epic. The sun had finally decided to grace us with its presence, albeit the temperature dial didn’t rise significantly. It just gave a nice glow to the weekend, and I crammed so much in that it felt like I’d had a little holiday.

Friday night, in a twist to the usual Fish n Chips and a film routine, we decided to take a wander over to North Bay to sit in one of the bars for a coffee/Appletise/prosecco, after Fish n Chips of course, can’t be going too wild. It was lovely, we had a great view of the darkness coming in over the harbour and the waves gently rolling in.

Even though we were only out for an hour or so, it felt like a lovely start to the weekend, instead of sitting on the sofa wondering where the previous week went. Saturday morning, I had a long overdue lie in, after which I felt renewed. Something I used to revel in was weekend breakfasts. Whilst I have time only to grab some granola for me and toast for little Miss during the week, the weekend was traditionally the time when I’d make something special and we’d sit at the table together to enjoy it. This really came into its own during Covid times, with photographs regularly featuring on my Instagram feed of luxurious smoked salmon and poached eggs, or bacon and egg etc. Alas, more recently it’s a habit I’ve let slip away.

Bacon and scrambled eggs in a warm croissant

It’s a habit I’d like to revive, even if it’s only every other weekend or something. With that in mind, I’d bought to ingredients for one of Little Misses favourite breakfasts from the Posh Eggs cook book, Croissants with bacon and scrambled egg. So, I made that on Saturday morning, and it was a wonderful start to the day.

Once we’d cleared up after breakfast, little Miss and I baked a lemon cheesecake using a recipe from Simple Things magazine. It was no bake, so perfect to whip up and leave to set in the fridge for dessert later on. I added some raspberries because I think raspberry and lemon tastes lovely together.

During the afternoon, we had to pop into town. There are a few birthday parties coming up in the next few weekends, so we needed to get some presents, as well as grabbing a few toiletries from Boots. It seems everything is running out at the same time. I also took the opportunity of dry weather to use the new bag that I finished crocheting a few weeks back.

Boots – Carvela (via charity shop), Linen dress – Primark 2 years ago, Leather Jacket – Mint Velvet, scarf – gift, Hat – Also crocheted by me

I’m so pleased with it, and it’s cavernous too so I can throw all of my junk into it without a second thought. It does need a dry day though, otherwise it will be like carrying a soggy wet beach towel. I crocheted it from recycled T-shirt yarn, so it’s really robust too, and has something of a nautical feel, I think.

Love this building on the pier near the car park

After we’d finished in town, we headed down to the seafront. It had been such a long time since we had visited Ask Italian for dinner, that I’d booked us a table in the late afternoon. The seafront was bustling, and it was lovely to get a seat near the window of the restaurant and people watch. I enjoyed a deliciously refreshing Gin spritz cocktail and tried out their beef brisket bolognaise which was absolutely divine.

Maybe it was the return of the sunshine, or just the fact that I’d bothered to think ahead and book something different but it felt like a wonderfully luxurious end to the afternoon. We finished up at the fairground at the top of the seafront, before heading home to enjoy a piece of the delicious cheesecake we’d made that morning.

Sunday morning, the weather was bright and sunny once again. I was so pleased because I was off to meet the chap for a day out. The plan, to head up onto the Moors and to the town of Goathland (where Heartbeat was filmed) and then on to Staithes.

After a delightful drive over the wild and colourful moors, we arrived at Goathland. It was my first visit to the village, and I was in awe of how quaint it was, but also how spacious. A scattering of cottages here and there. The North Yorkshire Moors railway station, lots of green open spaces and some delightful tea rooms and gift shops.

it really is picture perfect. We started off with a wander around. Checking out the green spaces, and letting Thelma run off a bit of energy, before retiring to a beautiful coffee shop for Sunday morning Fry-ups (of course). It was very relaxed.

After breakfast, we pottered around the gift shops, checking out all of the Heartbeat memorabilia and local produce, the chap treating himself to a couple of bottles of locally brewed ales. It was simply a beautiful chilled way to start the day.

Then, it was back to the car to press on further over the Moors. The next stop would be the scenic fisherman’s village of Staithes. Even though I’ve been a few times, it’s only featured once before on the blog. The problem is that every time I visit one of the local seaside villages, whether it’s Robin Hood’s Bay, Sandsend or Staithes, I drift off into a little fantasy world of what it would be like to live there. They are so quaint, with a far wilder feel to them than Scarborough has.

In reality, a lot of the quirky cottages that line these lanes now house only holiday makers, so it probably feels quite isolated to actually live in one of these places, especially in the winter months. I’m pleased I live close enough to visit regularly though. Anyway, we arrived there mid-afternoon and first stop we went into the museum, which is free to enter.

Creepy Victorian Mannequin

It’s a very interesting place, with lots of information about Captain Cook, who was born near Staithes. I really need to read up more about him, I don’t really know that much.

Then, we wandered further on to Dotty’s tearoom, with its beautiful vintage lampshades hanging from the ceiling and such a warm friendly welcome for me, the chap and Thelma. We just had cold drinks, and shared a Millionaire’s shortbread before heading further down to the beach.

It’s a wild beach. You really feel right in the elements with the wind blowing strong on your face. The tide was out, the boats were landlocked in the mud, perfect for taking photographs but I wonder how people manage if they need to get out in their boat? Then we walked along the harbour walls.

This was one of my favourite parts of the day, there were no other people on the harbour wall and it was so peaceful. There was a really eerie noise too, which spooked Thelma. I think it was the breeze blowing through the gaps in the rocks.

Afterwards we walked along the rocky beach, before we turned back to visit the Cod and Lobster for a delicious meal. Needless to say, they serve the most amazing seafood. I enjoyed seafood kebabs with rice and salad, washed down with a Guinness, while the chap went all decadent with half a lobster, also washed down with a Guinness.

Before long, it was time to head back up the hill to the car park to drive back over the moors and home. It was a marvellous day out, but it’s always the way that when you get a full day out in fresh air, you feel thoroughly exhausted at the end of it, and we definitely did.

The whole weekend had been so refreshing. Even though I hadn’t ventured that far from home all weekend, it felt like I’d had a weekend break. If only the weather would just keep getting better now, so we can keep enjoying adventures near and far.

3 thoughts on “Just Like a Mini-break

  1. Wow, that’s an epic weekend indeed. I’m truly amazed you were able to pack so much in. On a Sunday night, I’m usually wondering where the time went and regret I didn’t make better use of it.
    Although I’ve just had my dinner, I’m positively salivating at the sight of that delicious-looking breakfast. I’m not surprised it’s Little Miss’s favourite!
    That bag you crocheted is fabulous, and I absolutely loved tagging along with you to the seafront, the moors and the picturesque village of Staithes. You do live in a most wonderful part of the world! xxx

  2. What a lovely post! I love it when a perfect weekend unfolds like that.
    My mouth is watering at the food you have consumed and having fond memories of our long weekend in Whitby, the moors you describe are familiar to me. We walked from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay, but I don’t think we visited Staithes. What a fascinating place! Although I never watched Heartbeat, I’ve seen clips. I wonder if they chose that village because it was sparsely populated and had plenty of green space? It would have been ideal for a production crew to get on with the job without being disturbed too much.
    Love your crochet hat and that photo of Thelma is a stunner! x

  3. What a busy weekend! Weren’t you lucky with the weather?
    I’ve seen Robin’s Hood Bay on another blog (but your photos are much better), it looks absolutely fabulous especially that Captain Cook museum.
    I love your big crochet bag, that’s my kind of bag! xxx

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