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Hats, Hair and a Slow Start

Hard to believe that we’ve already finished the first week of 2022. Hasn’t it gone quickly? Eager not to lose the relaxed vibe of the Christmas break, I resolved not to get sucked back into social media too heavily. I’ve not logged back into Instagram at all, and tried to limit the time I spend scrolling on Facebook. For the most part I’ve managed it, focussing my free time on finishing the hat I was knitting for Little Miss, or reading my book.

The hat I finished for little Miss, it matches the one I knitted for myself

I used to read voraciously, it was something I really enjoyed doing and I’ve really noticed how little of it I do these days, so I’m aiming to read 12 books in 2022. One a month seems achievable alongside everything else in my life.

The return to work was busy, but manageable and I’m determined not to get caught up in the ‘busy’ this year, a bit of slow living, that’s what I need, and the weather is most certainly helping me along with that aim since, rainy days and fog definitely don’t inspire to me go running around too much. Thursday afternoon I went to have my COVID booster injection. It wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. My friends had been a mixture of totally unaffected to having to take a day off work they felt so rough. I had a dead arm and a headache, but was otherwise fully functioning.

Short hair, don’t care

Saturday morning I visited my hairdressers for her to tidy my short hair back into what it should look like, it always feels so much nicer when all of the weight has been taken out of it. Then, I returned home to find a lovely bouquet of tulips had been delivered. A happy surprise from the chap, and a beautiful, cheerful centrepiece to my dining table.

A beautiful surprise

The weather was grey, foggy and a bit grim so the rest of the day was spent watching Sarah and Duck, building Duplo houses and reading stories to Little Miss, interrupted only by a trip out to buy some groceries.

That evening was film night. I love the James Bond franchise, and I’d intended to go and see the latest instalment, No Time to Die, before Christmas with the chap and some friends. Having not attended a cinema in some time, however, I wasn’t comfortable to sit in one for 3 hours (and neither was one of our friends), so I put it on pre-order from Amazon and it came during the Christmas break. I didn’t watch it then, but had a film night with my Mum on Saturday evening to watch it, complete with Nachos and alcohol free lager (I’ve given up alcohol). The film was really good, but I wasn’t expecting such an emotional ending, and, to be fair, I think it could have been about half an hour shorter.

Massive serving of Nachos and 0% lager

This morning was church as usual, and then given the bright, crisp afternoon it turned out to be we decided to take a walk on the beach. I wasn’t anticipating it to be so busy. One thing we’ve always been able to count on here is that January is usually quiet in town, with very few visitors and all the space to enjoy but, it seems to be noticeably busy all year round now ever since everyone has started staycationing.

All wrapped up for a brisk walk along the beach

Later tonight, after roast dinner, I think I’m going to use this tutorial to do a visible mend on one of my favourite jumpers that is getting a bit holey. I think I’ve mentioned before how I quite like the concept of visible mends. There’s no need to keep disposing of good clothes, adding to landfill and killing the planet when all it takes is a little bit of time and patience and, actually, in my opinion, adds to the character and the story of the clothes we wear. That was always the thing that drew me to vintage clothes, the story, no need not to continue that story in my own wardrobe.

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a nice start to your 2022 too, stay safe people.

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