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Fun Times and Frolics

The days seem to be passing by in a blur at the moment. I can scarcely believe it’s the middle of another week, and yet I’ve not found time to write about the previous one until now. The eternal juggle of life, but better to be busy than be bored. Or is it? I’m reading a book that mentions the importance of finding time to do nothing, in fact I’ve read of a few things of late that recommend it as a way to allow the brain to think creatively and wander. It’s something I find difficulty with, always reaching for a book or my knitting needles, but I’m trying.

Anyway, about last week. For the most part it was the usual work and life and trying to balance the two. I didn’t make it to York mid-week, so the chap decided to come across on his day off bringing me my beautiful red Mulberry bracelet that he’d bought for me. I counted myself extremely lucky when I bought one of these, so to have two is special indeed.

As well as the bracelet, he’d stopped at Redcliffe farm shop on the way over to buy bacon and batches for lunch, and two delicious cream cakes, one each for me and my Mum. Of course he’d brought Lego for little Miss too. If anyone’s wondering what a batch is, it’s a regular discussion point between me and the chap (who calls it a roll), also known as a bread cake, or a cob, but for me it will always be a batch. A Coventryism I refuse to drop despite a decade living in Yorkshire.

We also took Thelma to the park for a wander

Fast forward to Saturday, and it was a busy day indeed. Little Miss has got to an age where she has a social life that sometimes leaves mine standing. With many of her classmates birthdays approaching, it’s regular parties all the way, and Saturday morning was one. I quite like them, it also gives me a chance to catch up with my Mummy friends, a few of whom I was planning to head out with that evening, more on that later.

So, after the party, we collected Grandma and popped up to Redcliffe farm for our monthly meat shop. We mostly only eat chicken, so once a month I tend to go there and buy chicken breasts I can keep in the freezer. It really is the best quality we’ve had. After falling in love with one of their cows, which was the most incredibly friendly cow, we headed into their cafe for lunch. A deliciously wholesome homemade leek and potato soup.

Time for some Vitamin Sea

After shopping, it was off to the seafront for a little wander and a breath of fresh air. The sun was actually out, for a change, and despite the cold, it was a really lovely day.


That evening, I was due to be heading out with a couple of Mummy friends, but one wasn’t very well, so couldn’t come. We’d got a table booked at a place I’ve wanted to try for a while, Geo. Right on the seafront, and with a nice cocktail menu too, it always looks inviting and a bit trendy.

Dodgy mirror selfie of my Saturday night outfit

I decided to wear a new top I’d bought from the White Company last week in York, with Jeans because it was so cold, and paired with my new Mulberry bracelet and Mulberry shoes. I was there early, so took up a seat at the bar and enjoyed a Cosmopolitan while I waited for my friend J. Once she arrived, we were ushered through the crowd to the slightly quieter, but still buzzing mezzanine floor.

The mezzanine floor
Enjoying a cocktail

I never usually order steak when I’m out, but really fancied it here. To be fair, it was a bit rarer than I’d usually have, but still super tasty, and we were able to have a really good chat and catch up over steaks, wine and more cocktails.

After finishing up a local pub, The Merchant, it was time to head off to the taxi office, and watch many inebriated folk stumble into the taxi waiting area. Eventually, we managed to get our taxi home, and had both enjoyed a really good evening out.

Sunday, well I didn’t do an awful lot to be honest. I put some of the meat from the farm shop in the slow cooker for dinner, knitted, read and had a generally lazy day. A nice end to a good week.

2 thoughts on “Fun Times and Frolics

  1. I am absolutely hopeless at doing nothing, although I definitely see the benefits in doing so!
    Loving the red Mulberry cuff, you are a very lucky girl indeed. Of course, I had no idea what a batch was, but as an Anglophile, I do love learning about such things!
    I do wish I lived nearer the sea so that I could go for a wander on the beach and some fresh sea air.
    Your night out with your Mummy friends sounds perfect and the food absolutely delicious! xxx

  2. I’m with Ann on the doing nothing, it’s not in my DNA!
    It’s a cob here – mad considering you grew up down the road from me, isn’t it?
    A lovely busy week you’ve had. Love that photo of Little Miss gazing out to sea and the teal wall and snazzy floor inside that bar! xxx

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