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Fall Back

Well, that’s it, the clocks have gone back and winter is well and truly here. I got the first ‘ping’ of frost warning from my car this morning when I went out, that’s always a sure fire sign that winter is here, well that and the fact that I’ve started taking my hot water bottle to bed with me of an evening.

I keep intending to make a better effort with keeping up with my blog, but it doesn’t really materialise. The demands of life in general tend to prevent me. Maybe with a slower pace of life as the nights draw in, I might stand a better chance.

Last week was fairly peaceful though, starting with a trip for little Miss to a pumpkin patch at a farm not too far from home, Humble Bee. We stayed there in the summer when we went glamping so it was nice to be heading back. Little Miss is mad about Halloween, almost to the point of obsession, so the array of pumpkins and witches was thrilling for her.

We carved our pumpkin (not very well, I definitely need more practise in that department) and, once it was safe in the car we did the farm’s halloween trail around their field. That certainly run a bit of energy off us both.

During the afternoon we had a trip on the North Bay Railway which is a miniature railway ride in Scarborough, but since it was Halloween it was done up with some spooky fun stuff. Little Miss dressed up as a witch and Thelma had her bat harness on… bat dog!

A good deal of the week was spent in crafting and I managed to finish 2 projects in one week (I also managed to go live on 2 work projects in the same week so I must have been on a roll). First up was my first ever crochet project. A scarf for Little Miss.

She chose the wool herself when we went to Staithes a few weeks back and is very pleased with Mummy’s first attempt at crochet. The second completion was my first ever loom weaving project, a small wall hanging for my living room.

I love this! These are so addictive, I can see me doing this A LOT during the winter months. Finally I managed to get hold of the right size DPNS to finish the fella’s hat too, so that’s maybe something I’ll get finished during the coming week.

This week has mostly involved hiding away out of the cold and rain and not really getting much of anything done. That’s fine, some weeks are like that. Have a great weekend, whatever you decide to do.

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