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Easter Break – The Deep, Ghostbusters and some decorating

A couple of weeks back, the schools (in North Yorkshire at least) broke up for Easter. The previous week had been the top hat of a busy week on top of many, many busy weeks and I couldn’t have been happier when Friday arrived, knowing I’d booked a week off to enjoy with little Miss.

Saturday morning was pleasant. It was dry, which seems to be a rare thing at the moment, and so we decided to do the ‘top of our list’ activity for the holiday, and head across to Hull to go to The Deep. We’ve wanted to visit there a few times, usually we end up cancelling because of someone being ill, or the weather being too awful to make the trip. We set off at lunchtime, and by 2pm we were parked up in the car park of the giant aquarium on the banks of the Humber estuary.

The start of the trail into The Deep is really focussed on dinosaurs, and prehistoric sea creatures. It’s very educational. Once you get right into the heart though, there are some amazing exhibits. Beautiful tropical reef environments.

I particularly loved how some of the large tanks had seating opposite so that you can just sit down and relax. It’s very calming watching beautiful fish gliding through crystal clear waters. It’s also quite fascinating how such an environment can be built and maintained in the heart of a city centre. I always find it quite scary that, because of man’s impact on the environment, one day, these places may be the only places where such creatures survive.

There were penguins, and a most amazing tank containing sharks (little Misses favourite), a swordfish, turtle, stingrays. It was magical and we just stood and watched for such a long time.

Then we moved on to the tropical fish, and poisonous blue frogs. They were interesting, so tiny but in a vibrant shade of blue that warns their would be predators to beware. We finished with journey up in the glass lift, that goes through the tank. Not great for my lift phobia, but admittedly, quite beautiful.

Then we settled into the cafe with an amazing view across to the Humber bridge, and ate our late lunch. With an hour left before the shops shut, we took a wander into Hull, where I ended up spending a small fortune in Lush. We don’t have one in Scarborough, so I always stock up when I find one. Bath bombs for little Miss, soap for me (I’ve discovered the fragrance called Karma and now I want all the things), and gorgeous smelling wax melts.

After what was a very full day, we headed home happy that we’d finally made it to the Deep, and even happier that the tickets we’d bought are valid for a year so there will definitely be a return visit at some point.

Sunday afternoon, I was off to York to meet up with the chap. As children of the 80s, we’ve both been eagerly awaiting the latest Ghostbusters film. I hopped on the train, which allowed me to read a bit more of my current book en route, and arrived in York at lunchtime.

First stop was the Windmill pub for our dinner. We both opted for roast beef. I didn’t plump for the extra Yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets though, although the chap gave me one of his pigs in blankets, which, if you know the chap, you know that’s a serious thing to do.

Lounge area at the Everyman
Boots – Carvela (via charity shop), Dress – Fairfax and Favor, Dress – Tu, Blouse – River Island, Scarf – Vintage

After enjoying a delicious dinner, we wandered a few doors up to The Everyman cinema. Alas they were having some technical difficulties which delayed the start of the film, but it did allow us some time to chill in one of their lovely lounge areas, with a glass of wine.

Soon enough though, we were at our seats with our ice cream sundaes (cookie dough and ice cream for me) being delivered to our tables, just in time for the start of the film. Ghostbusters has had some mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. With some of the original cast in, including slimer, a rather nasty looking spectre of an ancient evil god, plenty of comedy and action, it sat well with the originals I thought, and I’m glad I got to see it on the big screen.

After the film, the day was still holding up nicely, so we decided to walk back to the train station along the city walls and the river. It’s a really touristy thing to do to walk along the city walls, but it does give you some nice view points of things like the Minster, and I always enjoy a walk along the river. As always, it was a really lovely afternoon spent out with the chap.

Monday, the weather had taken a turn for the worst. Little Miss had a play date with my friend’s son, while I got to have a long overdue catch up with her over a brew. Afterwards, I set to on stripping wallpaper in little Misses room. I recently discovered a patch of damp in there. I’ve had the guttering fixed now, so I now have the job of drying out the wall and decorating with unicorn wallpaper. To be fair, the last time I decorated it I just did it generic pink and white, so it’s quite nice that she’s now been able to choose her own wallpaper.

It was a great start to the Easter break, and whilst we did fill much of the week with lots of fun trips out, activities and catch up with friends, I kind of lost my blogging mojo. That’s why it’s taken me this long to post this one, because it’s sort of come back again. It does do that from time to time. So, anyway, there won’t be more tales from Easter, but hopefully there’ll be more tales to come, as long as my mojo doesn’t ebb away again!

3 thoughts on “Easter Break – The Deep, Ghostbusters and some decorating

  1. I do love an aquarium! I’ve never been to one of those Sea Life centres but always visit small quirky ones when we’re on holiday. That one looks great.
    Talking of looking great you look fab in your velvet and pearls. I’m keen to see Civil War, you’ve reminded me to book seats for next week.
    I’ve been wearing Karma for 30 years, I’m a bit disappointed that Lush have replaced the original tin for a glass jar but the smell is just as fabulous (and complimented upon) three decades later! xxx

  2. Your week off must have been very welcome indeed after those busy weeks you’ve had!
    The Deep looks well worth a visit, and how amazing is that view of the Humber from the café.
    I walked the city walls in York almost 30 years ago, on what I’m calling our pre-honeymoon. I’ve always vowed to go back to York but until now it hasn’t happened.
    Your cinema-going outfit is absolutely stunning! xxx

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