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Easter and Stuff

It’s funny, when you’re at home every day anyway, and can’t go out for the day, you expect to not look forward to public and bank holidays quite as much, but the truth is, there’s always a relief in knowing that there’s a couple of days where you don’t need to log on and work, and can spend your time accordingly. As such, Easter was lovely.

For a start off, me and little Miss did some Easter crafts. I had blown these eggs empty and cleaned them all earlier in the week, it’s a good job it was last week since I can’t get hold of any eggs this week. Anyway, we had great fun painting these eggs, it was a whole new experience for little Miss, and I hadn’t painted eggs since I was a child myself.

I then used them as part of my decoration for an Easter tree, which was basically a branch I found while I was out on my walk. I liked the rustic effect though.

Then I made us a lovely lemon cake to enjoy with tea over the Easter weekend. Everyone in Yorkshire must be baking, hence there’s no flour or eggs to buy anywhere!

Easter Sunday was lovely. I had ordered our eggs the previous week from Betty’s and they had been delivered on the Thursday. A small pink lustre one for little Miss, a beautifully decorated and decadently rich one for Grandma, and smooth tasty chocolate orange one for me. They were the quality you would expect of Betty’s and tasted absolutely divine! They were very rich, so there was no getting through a whole egg in one day, either.

I do love Betty’s. I had never heard of them before moving to Yorkshire, but they are the company ‘Taylor’s of Harrogate’ who produce Yorkshire tea (amongst lots of other teas and ground coffees) and they have these delightful old English tea rooms in various towns around Yorkshire. Visit if you get the chance.

Anyway, I digress. Alongside chocolate and crafts, there was lots of time for playing with little Miss, which we took every opportunity for, but while she napped I decided to finish making a dress for her that I had started a couple of months back. The dress was made from a lovely vintage pattern, but I added the bow because I’m just a bit obsessed with bows at the moment.

I’ve lost my sewing mojo a fair bit in recent months. I think I have too many ideas and not enough time, but finishing this dress made me happy (despite having to fight with bobbin tension for much of the exercise) so I’ve decided to start picking up some weekend sewing projects again. It won’t be all 1950s dresses this time though, I’m going to make the effort to look at what I actually need in my wardrobe and sew accordingly.

I hope you all had a pleasant Easter break, even it is just a distant memory now.

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