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Crochet Garlands, New Jewellery and Beachy Sunday Walks

This week has been altogether quieter from a social perspective than last week. Work has been a different story, however, and the demands of week 2 have left me mentally drained. So many new things to learn while still trying to close off projects from the previous year, a couple of late nights working to keep up with emails. I know this will be short term, but it’s demanding while it’s happening.

This year I’m teaching myself how to crochet. So, Monday evening I decided to rest after a demanding day at my desk, by finishing off a crochet project. It’s a lovely flower garland that I made from ends of balls of yarn, and which little Miss put her eye on whilst I was making it. She loves it in her room, so much so that she’s stated she needs another one for her other wall. I’ll add it to my to do list.

I’m not sure what my next crochet project will be, thinking maybe a snood for little miss, or a waistcoat for me. So many things to make, so little time. On the topic of things to make, I also kicked back one evening by using up my old bananas in a loaf cake. These were a household staple in Covid times, now I only make them to avoid throwing food away.

Eating about half of the cake after I’d made it also helped me to relax.

I was so grateful for the weekend to arrive, despite working on Saturday morning in a bid to get caught up on my week. During the afternoon though, we took a trip to nearby Pickering for a wander around the shops.

I didn’t find a great deal of things in the charity shop, but I was very happy to stumble upon a pristine game of Twister for £1.50. Little miss has some friends coming round during the coming week, and I think Twister is going to go down a storm. Further along, perusing the window of a jewellery shop, Mum noticed a tray of silver rings at £15 each. There were so many to choose from, so I had to go in and take a closer look. I was so happy to come away with a thumb ring set with a Carnelian stone. I lost my last thumb ring, but I think this one fits a lot better. Mum treated herself to one too, in a different design.

After a delicious cheese scone and coffee at one of our favourite cafes, Nosh, we carried on perusing the shops. I spent far too long hovering around the crystals in the indoor market, but was very restrained only buying a stick of Palo Santo for some energy cleaning later in the week. That’s not to say I wasn’t tempted by so many of the crystals. I mooched around more charity shops, and apart from a few more DVDs to add to the collection, came away empty handed.

Nosh is such a lovely little cafe

We finished the day off with dinner at Cappelmans, which, truth be told, we didn’t really need and so left a fair bit of our dinners. It’s a shame, they always do lovely food in there.

Food overload

Back at home, it was a relaxing evening of watching films, and of course a glass of gin and tonic to wind down with. This morning we woke up to glorious sunshine, so, after a delicious breakfast of croissants and scrambled eggs, I took Thelma and little Miss for a walk on the beach.

The tide was out, so we were able to negotiate the rock pools, looking for shells and sea creatures. We found some shells, alas no sea creatures. After a long walk, we headed back to the Spa to warm up over delicious drinks, and a bowl of fries for little Miss.

No rum in the hot chocolate … More’s the pity!

Having parked up on South Cliff and walked through the gardens to get down, we opted to take the Victorian cliff lift back up to the car. The cliff lift was built in 1875, and every now and again closes for maintenance or refurbishment. At £1.30 (and free for little Miss and Thelma) it’s a lovely little slice of Victoriana, and also gives amazing views over Scarborough on the way up.

Back at home, we cracked open the air dry clay set that my friend H had bought for little Miss for Christmas, and had a crafternoon. We’ve been experimenting with imprinting shells, and leaves into the clay and I’ve made some wonky napkin rings. I’m looking forward to seeing how they dry.

The rest of the evening will be spent enjoying my slow cooked chicken, sweet potato and butternut squash stew and getting ready for another week ahead. Hard to believe we’re almost half way through January already.

4 thoughts on “Crochet Garlands, New Jewellery and Beachy Sunday Walks

  1. You’ve done loads considering you’ve been exhausted by work. I’m curious about that air dried clay, I’m a bit obsessed with Pottery Throwdown, we never did pottery at school and I’d love to have a bash at home!
    Loving the photos of the stair lift, that green pillar couldn’t be more Victorian, could it?
    That little cafe looks cosy, Thelma isadorable and you look gorgeous posing with that ginormous dinner! The thumb ring is lovely and Little Miss’s crochet banner is fab! xxx

  2. Well you’ve had a great start to the year!
    I love your new thumb ring and little Miss will enjoy Twister for sure! Be warned, you will quickly become addicted to crochet…start checking out the wool in the charity shops is my advice.
    Thelma is very cute and that’s a beautiful photo of her amongst the rock pools. I love a cliff railway. One of our favourites is in Lynmouth in North Devon.
    I too am curious about the air dried clay. I once did a short pottery course, but was absolutely hopeless. I’m in awe of the TV potters’ skills. x

  3. You’ve definitely packed a lot into your week, in spite of it being a quieter one 🙂
    I’m loving the crochet garland and can’t wait to see what project you’ll be doing next. I might teach myself to crochet once I’m retired.
    Your banana loaf cake is looking very tasty, and your thumb ring is stunning. And oh how I loved tagging along to Scarborough beach! xxx

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