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Coronation Weekend

Spoiler alert, I wasn’t in London, and I didn’t watch it on the TV. Well, aside from bits here and there on the news coverage, but as much as I was grateful of another Bank Holiday in May, I certainly wasn’t going to spend it watching TV, especially since the weather had finally (FINALLY!!) decided to cheer up a bit. Ironically, I’ve had a fabulous bank holiday weekend, but took very few photos, so did it even happen?

Friday night, after logging off from work, I headed off to Malton, where I met the chap at Pizza on the Square for dinner. Pizza seems to be a theme for our dates at the moment, and I’m ok with that. I’d originally been looking forward to pizza and beer, but the previous week I’d suffered recurring headaches, so stuck to soft drinks instead.

We enjoyed a delicious meal, before heading to a lovely little pub for a drink, and I got no photos whatsoever. It was a great way to spend a Friday night though, not least because the sun had actually come out.

Saturday of course was the big day! Me and little miss had a lazy morning, then headed out to do some grocery shopping. The roads were blissfully quiet. After we’d got it all home and I’d unpacked it, we decided to head off to nearby Bridlington to visit Bridlington Animal Park . Tucked away behind a caravan park and a poundstretcher, this is not the easiest place to find and at one point I was convinced it didn’t exist and was going to get back in the car and drive off. Thankfully I saw the albino peacocks parading by the front door just in time.

The park itself is really nice, with racoon dogs, goats, camels, ponies, parrots (that may or may not have swore at me, I couldn’t quite make it out), flamingoes and lots of other animals that little Miss was in her element to see. For me, feeding the goats is always something I love to do, and the goats here are especially friendly. It was a lovely afternoon.

After I’d been fleeced in the gift shop (no escaping it when you have a little person), we headed off in search of tea and a snack. Unfortunately there wasn’t a tea shop at the park. Bank holiday weekend though, so we were turned away from everywhere as ‘fully booked’. We just headed home, where I promptly ordered a new flask from the Thermos website so that we aren’t left gasping for tea on our days out over the summer.

The evening was spent mostly watching feature length cartoons, Scooby Do, Flintstones and little Misses current favourite, the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sunday, I had the day to myself, so decided to get the Irish linen out that I’d bought a few weeks back, and a pattern for a top that I last made about 8 years ago. I spent a blissfully quiet morning cutting, sewing and fashioning a very usable and comfortable top for the summer months. As I lost myself in making, I realised how happy creating things makes me. Like the cardigan I shared last week, just the joy of crafting something myself brings me such pleasure. The pressures of work and life don’t always allow me to create, but it’s definitely something I’ve come to realise that I need in my life.

During the afternoon I had to nip to town as I’d not got enough bias tape to finish the top. I took Thelma along, and we stopped off for tea and cake, and enjoyed the gloriously sunny day before it was time to pick little miss up. Unfortunately, on the way home from collecting her, my engine warning light came on, so that’s probably going to be another costly fix. Car ownership is never cheap.

Tea and cake with Thelma

By the time Monday rolled around the weather had broken and we were back to grey skies and rain. So, we spent the day playing lego, drawing, watching the Nightmare before Christmas (again) and generally having a lazy day doing not much of anything. It was a wonderfully relaxing end to an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

3 thoughts on “Coronation Weekend

  1. You got the right idea in not spending the Bank Holiday weekend in front of the TV, particularly when there’s a rare sunny day!
    I’m glad you were able to find Bridlington Animal Park and spend a lovely afternoon there, even if you were inevitably fleeced at the gift shop.
    Those albino peacocks are stunning!
    Well done on making yourself that gorgeous top! I wish I was as clever with a needle/sewing machine as you are! xxx

  2. Thank goodness there’s someone else in Blogland who didn’t watch the coronation, I was beginning to feel like a leper!
    Your weekend sounded a lot more exciting. I love the albino peacock and that goat is adorable.
    Your me-made top is lovely and Thelma looks gorgeous in her coat! xxx

    1. Yep, I really couldn’t get excited about the prospect of watching it at all. Quite happy to be a leper with you Vix as had far more interesting ways to spend my time. xxx

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