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Christmas 2019 In Pictures

So how is everyone? Full of turkey and Christmas pudding?

It’s not actually been a great Christmas break so far. I caught a bad cold before Christmas and have been battling it ever since, I think I’m possibly just coming out of the other side now. I passed it on to my Mum, and then the day after Boxing Day, little Miss came down with a tummy bug too. I’m hopeful that the next few days will be a bit better.

Little Miss playing with her new windmill

Even so, we did have a good Christmas day itself. I bought little Miss a Sylvanian families windmill from a friend who’s little girl was selling it on, and I also bought her a fairy princess tent which we now sit in each evening and read bedtime stories. Very successful presents, I think. She also got a whole load of little pony unicorn toys from Grandma, and was spoiled rotten from other friends too. We’re very lucky.

I’m the Queen of the castle

I got the most fabulous bag by Irregular Choice, a gift from ma Mere, as well as some really useful books and a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland cup and saucer set from friends. I haven’t photographed it all, nor have I photographed my Christmas dinner because, really, have you not seen enough Christmas dinners by now?

New Bag by Irregular Choice – Thanks Mummy

How did you spend your Christmas?

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