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Birthday Fun and Frolics

My birthday feels like it was quite a while back now, right at the start of October. I enjoyed quite a subdued celebration, although it didn’t stop me from being incredibly spoiled.

Whilst I was talking with some of my mummy friends at the school gates about a week before, I mentioned how I fancied going for a sound bath that I’d seen advertised. It was taking place the day before my birthday. They were both keen, so we booked it. I’ve never had a sound bath before, it seemed like a fairly cool thing to do for a birthday.

In case you don’t know what a sound bath is, you meditate in a room where someone is surrounding you with sounds. It could be drumming, gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls etc. We had a full hour of it. I’d expected it to just be meditation, but actually, it was incredibly powerful! You feel so many effects on your body while the sounds are being played, and I came out I feeling thoroughly energised. I’d definitely recommend it if you get the opportunity.

My actual birthday fell on the Sunday, and the chap arrived bright and early bearing SOOOOO many gifts. I didn’t know where to start. I’m very lucky. The Michael Kors bag was something I’d put my eye on a few weeks previously, but decided that it was too expensive for me to treat myself to. The chap went back in secret and bought it for me, and I was absolutely overjoyed to get it on my birthday. It’s also a perfect match for the Aspinal passport holder Mum had bought me, which was excellent.

Baba had bought me a lovely plant to add to my collection, and friends had gifted me with beautiful flowers, bath goodies, a very interesting book about colour psychology, and a fabulous new glasses chain that my talented friend made herself.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a birthday meal at The Green Room of Bar Street . It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for some time as it always looks quite chic and relaxed.

We were made to feel very welcome as soon as we walked in, the setting is chilled and has a lovely ambience. It’s a place that I would definitely visit again. I was surprised at how many people were in there celebrating birthdays though. I ordered a lovely vegetarian tart, with all of the Sunday dinner trimmings, while the others enjoyed more traditional Sunday fayre.

Then, the waitress brought me a special birthday cake accompanied by little miss singing happy birthday. It was perfect.

Back at home, it was time for a film night. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stream Hocus Pocus 2, like we’d hoped to, but watched one of my favourites (and in keeping with the theme of so many of my gifts) Beetlejuice.

It was a quiet, but totally perfect way to spend my birthday.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Fun and Frolics

  1. I never forget the date of your birthday, it was also my Grandma’s!
    It looks like you had a lovely time and haven’t you got a gem there with your chap? What a thoughtful man (and a fab gift!) xxx

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