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A Very Viking Adventure

Last weekend, the chap was celebrating a milestone birthday. Being an obsessive over organiser, I’d asked him a few months back how he would like to celebrate. I won’t lie, when he said axe throwing, I was a little nervous that someone would come away short of a finger, ear or other appendage. Nonetheless, we gathered 6 of his closest friends for a night of Viking revelry.

We started the night at The Hilt where we were given a full safety briefing and taught how to throw an axe. It’s not easy. It’s part skill and part luck as to whether the axe will actually hit the target. We had so much fun, with a hint of friendly competitiveness of course.

I thought, since I’d hit bullseye twice, that I would have done really well. I came second from last. It brought back memories of little misses sports day earlier in the year. I came second from last there too.

After axe throwing, we moved on to the Cut and Craft for dinner. We were a little early from our table though, so enjoyed a quick drink in a little bar nearby.

Back at the restaurant though, it was bustling. We had a fabulous seat with the kitchen right behind us, perfect for cold blooded types like me.

Everyone decided to have starters, so me and the chap shared some oysters. I’m pretty sure they were the reason I had indigestion later in the evening, but at the time, oysters and a glass of Moet felt very indulgent.

Onto the mains, and I was the only veggie in a group of carnivores so it was steak all around (which is handy because it is a steak house), but I had the most delicious halloumi fajitas. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on all of that steak, but it did look amazing and everyone at the table definitely seemed to be enjoying it.

The night flowed with lots of conversation, tons of laughter and a real feel of joy and happiness. It’s the best night out I’ve had in some time. Before we knew it, we were singing happy birthday to the birthday boy, settling up our bill and heading to the Evil Eye for drinks.

I wasn’t sure, when we got in the Evil Eye, why the doorman had kept us queueing outside for quite so long. It was busy, but not THAT busy. Nonetheless, I’d never been before, and instantly loved the vibe in there. Initially we sat in the garden, under the shadow of the Minster.

Later though, we moved inside to some amazing Indian four poster beds that were made into seating areas. I totally failed to get any photos, which means I need a return visit. It was a fabulous night out, and the chap had definitely enjoyed his big birthday.

The next day, I was exhausted. There was no escaping the need for a bit of an afternoon nap with little miss. Later in the evening though, it was back out and heading to The Gold Cup country pub near York, for a family meal.

Whilst decidedly less rowdy than the night before, it was equally enjoyable. Another place I’d definitely go back to again, it just had a really nice vibe and the food was delicious.

By the time Sunday evening came, I was wiped out. What a weekend though, the fun, frolicks and laughter was amazing and I know for a fact that the chap had celebrated his birthday, exactly as he wanted to.

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