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A Little Knitting Interlude

One of my hobbies, that I do truly love and find very relaxing is knitting. I am self taught, and despite the fact that I have been knitting for over 10 years now, I’m still very slow. It’s not a fact that particularly bothers me because the upshot is that I usually have very few errors to rectify, and I do find the slow process of creating something extremely relaxing.

My ongoing big project has been ongoing since the very first lockdown back in March. It’s a beautiful cardigan from a vintage pattern. It’s still a good way from being complete and so I wanted to pause to do something small, something that would just take me away from it and afford me a change of focus. I decided to raid my stash, and using some variegated acrylic in grey and white, I opted to make some leg warmers for little lady.

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Maybe it’s a fact that I’m a child of the 80s, but I do love leg warmers and, actually, I intend to make some for myself at some point. I’ll add it to the list of things to make for myself. It’s number 748! Anyway, without a pattern, I decided to wing it.

So, I knitted one legwarmer and then just based the second one off it. Often times I would knit while little lady was sat with me, and she gets enthralled by the process of knitting, and was very excited that mummy was making something especially for her. They took a little longer than I expected (as do all of my knitting projects), but I finished them this weekend, and was pretty pleased with the result.

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They’ve turned out quite pretty. I’ve had to make some adjustments and next time I would make them smaller in circumference, but little lady is more than pleased with her hand knitted legwarmers.

For my part, I’ll be returning to my vintage knit this week. I have sleeves and construction to complete.

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