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With a Cherry On Top

I know everyone thinks that us Brits always talk about the weather, and it’s true, but that’s because this little island has the most contrary weather patterns. I’m not saying I’d want to swap places with the parts of Europe that are experiencing record hot temperatures at the moment, but if we could just get a bit of stability, some slightly warmer temperatures and a lot less rain, given it’s July, I’d be happy with that!

In between working, and dodging rain showers, I’ve had quite a nice week. Wednesday I was in the office, although the office was pretty quiet because everyone was going to an office party the following day, so hadn’t come in on the Wednesday. Sometimes it’s nice when the office is quiet though because I can get a lot done. After work, the chap met me and went to one of my favourite places, which I haven’t been to in a long time, Brew York.

It’s always got such a good vibe, and does great beer. I can’t remember what my stout was called, but it was rich, and fruity and chocolatey with hints of coffee, which is exactly how I like my beer!

It washed down the delicious Bibimbap perfectly while me and the chap had a good old chin wag and, funnily enough discovered we’d both been feeling the same lately about work, life and spending habits. Both of us like to buy nice things, it’s kind of like a reward for working hard, but the conversation revealed that separately, we’d come to the same conclusion, that as lovely as the things are we have a) we don’t have need for more, and, b) it would be far better to have more experiences. Meals out, concerts, trips etc.

Of course I’m not going to stop buying things altogether. I’m such a magpie that’s not going to happen, but it’s more about being mindful about purchases and balancing the other things that I could do with the money being spent. Quite deep conversation for a Wednesday evening.

Thursday, when I dropped little Miss at school, I was given her first end of year report. It was wonderful and I am so pleased with how well she’s done at school. Given the sun actually graced us with its presence, after work I took little Miss to the sea to treat her to a massive ice cream sundae at our favourite ice cream parlour, Flamingo bay.

After, we had a walk along the front and to the fair, where little Miss had a go on a small ride, before we went to the beautiful RoofTop cafe to sip our drinks and admire the view out across the sea.

I often think how I would like to get a little boat in the harbour one day. How lovely it would be to use it some days as a base for work, or to spend a Saturday having a picnic on the deck. It wouldn’t need to be a yacht, or one of the luxury cruisers that are sometimes docked there, but just a little cosy cruiser would be lovely.

The weekend itself has been fairly chilled. Yesterday Little Miss went to her friend’s birthday party, which was nice. Then last night I finished my book. It’s been one hell of a big novel, but ‘Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley’ was a really good read. Quite sad in places, but very enjoyable. Now to decide what to read next.

Today was meant to be dedicated to decorating my kitchen, but unfortunately Little Miss has caught a nasty cold so paint fumes aren’t going to be helpful at all. Instead, we’ll probably play with Barbies and watch TV.

2 thoughts on “With a Cherry On Top

  1. We Belgians also talk about the weather a lot … but while our Summer so far hasn’t been very stable either, at least we’ve have lots of sunny and warm weather.
    Investing in experiences rather than stuff sounds like a great idea, although being a magpie myself, I definitely won’t be able to stop buying little treats for myself either.
    Well done to Little Miss, she definitely deserved that massive sundae!
    Loving your photos of the seafront! xxx

  2. Those harbour views are gorgeous! My dad had a boat when I was a teenager and we always went on sailing holidays although I’m not sure if I can remember how to do it all these years later!
    That bar looks very cool and your chat sounds very sensible. I’m like Ann though, I’m too much of a magpie not to buy more stuff even if I’ve got enough clothes to last me several lifetimes, I can’t help myself! xxx

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