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We Will Rock You

Last Monday was Valentine’s Day. Given we had a fun weekend coming up though, we decided not to do anything on Valentine’s Day itself, so all in it was a quiet day, apart from a heart that Little Miss made for me at Pre-School (and very cute it is too).

Tuesday was dreaded MOT day, and that was no love letter either, with some work having to be done before I could get it through. Never mind, that’s that done for another year, although it’s service time next month. I never used to understand why older people would say, if you’ve got a car you’ll never have any money, but between tax, insurance, the cost of fuel and then maintenance, it’s a true story.

The week passed slowly in a haze of bad weather and work. I was looking forward to the weekend though, which is probably why it took an age to arrive, the highlight being painting some Valentine nails.

One of my Christmas presents from the chap was tickets to go see the musical, We will Rock You, in York, and Saturday was the day of the performance.

Driving down to York was grim on Saturday afternoon. I hate fog more than any other driving condition and it was really thick, pea soup, for much of the way there. I went at a snails pace, getting into York after 5 and meeting up with the chap. First we exchanged our Valentines gifts and cards.

He’d bought me a gorgeous scarf, some lovely candles, a brooch and a really sweet necklace. Spoiled once again. Soon, we were rushing off for our dinner though.

Amazing vegan truffler burger at Byron

I’ve never been to Byron before, but I’ve often walked past it and thought it looked nice. I booked our table earlier in the week, and of course we were late for the table, it’s always my fault, I’m turning into Liz Taylor, I’m not even sorry. Nonetheless, they still got us seated, but my word it was busy. It felt really bustling. We ordered our burgers (A big juicy beef burger for the chap and the truffler for me, which is a delicious vegan burger with mushrooms). The burgers don’t come with sides, so we added some fries and onion rings, and the chap had a delicious Oreo milkshake… which I drank a fair bit of.

The orders took absolutely ages to arrive, understandable given how busy they were, but it meant we had to rush the food to get to the theatre on time. Even so, we both agreed that the food was delicious and we’d definitely go back, although we’d make sure we didn’t have anywhere else to be first.

How gorgeous is the Grand in York?

Then it was off to the theatre to see ‘We Will Rock You’. I hadn’t looked up anything about this musical when the chap bought the tickets, I’d made the assumption that it was a musical about Queen, a bit like the film, Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s not at all, it’s actually set in the future, in a dystopian world where a rebel group are trying to find true music and beat a system of uniformity, social media and mindlessness. It’s all set to the music of Queen, and it was absolutely fantastic. The cast were so talented, skillful dancers and powerful singers kept you engaged throughout. I can’t remember the last time I’d been to the theatre, apart from to see the Panto, and this was really a good way to return.

I’d definitely go again, I even got to have a bit of a mosh at the end, which is a rare occurrence these days.

Pre show selfie

The next morning, after a massive breakfast (well, the chaps breakfast was massive, mine was normal) we caught up with our friend Mrs. S. I’d finally finished knitting her birthday present, only slightly delayed given her birthday was the first week of January, but nonetheless she was really pleased with her neck warmer, and earlier in the week I’d found an adorable vintage brooch to just set it off with.

My latest finished knit, complete with vintage brooch

We had a lovely catch up as it’s been ages since I last saw her. Then, it was time to head home, another horrible drive in bad weather, but the rest of the afternoon was spent nicely lazing on the sofa, watching cartoons with Little Miss, and enjoying a hearty Sunday dinner.

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