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Wanderings, Ponderings and Catching up with Friends

Thursday morning I woke up feeling a bit off. What with all the sawdust flying and the smell of silicone sealants, I’d got a sore throat and felt completely drained. I spent a quiet morning catching up on blog posts and reading. The weather was perfect though. Chilly, but dry and sunny, so I decided that a spot of fresh air (and an escape from the chaos of home) was exactly what I needed.

With no destination in mind, I popped Thelma’s lead on, and we headed in the general direction of the beach. On the way to the beach, under the Victorian, Valley Bridge, there sits a beautiful duck pond. It’s surrounded by trees, and is split into a lower and a higher level. What I hadn’t ever noticed before, is the water feature that links the higher and lower level.

Surprised at hearing water flowing under the bridge, I went to investigate. I’ve lived in Scarborough over a decade, and yet I still regularly discover things I had no idea were there. Carrying on beachward, I decided to take a detour through some gardens that sit between the main road and Scarborough Art Gallery, which I’ve previously shown in this post. Once again I was presented with pathways and archways that I’d never known existed.

It was quiet, so I took the opportunity to take a few outfit shots. The first one I’m still in my coat as I was testing the settings on my phone.

Boots – Dr Martens, Dress – Toast, Scarf – gifted

The second, I’m wearing my well loved Toast dress. I bought this dress about 2 years ago in the sale, and I wear it so much. I’m sure it’s been on the blog a few times before. With that, the skies started to look a bit grey, and my tummy reminded me that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I turned back and headed for home.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was so glad the week was over. A tad disappointed though that my kitchen wouldn’t be finished by the end of the day. Even though I’ve been off work all week, it’s hardly been restful. Alongside still needing to do the school run, I think I’ve mentioned about 400 times now, I’m living in chaos!

Friday morning, I decided to get the sewing machine out. What’s one more bit of chaos, right? I started sewing some chair arm covers for the arm chair in the living room, and the sofa in the office/snug. I can’t finish them until I can get to my iron (see note about chaos above) but I think they are going to be really pretty. Of course, I’ll share pictures once they are finished. I really enjoyed having my sewing machine out again. It’s been a while, and it reminded me how much I enjoy being creative.

Shoes – Vans, Skirt – East, Top – ?, Kimono – One Hundred Stars, scarf – gift

After finishing my book, and faced with another day of glorious blue skies and sunshine, I decided to take Thelma to the park. I even managed another outfit shot. Don’t get used to this, I’m sure it will all fall by the wayside once I’m back at work.

Scarborough has a few beautiful parks, this one is one of my favourites. It’s filled with squirrels, blue tits and all manner of wildlife. There’s an abundance of beautiful imposing trees, and a walk uphill to the top of the park gives you amazing views out over town, past the castle and out to the North Sea.

The castle is on the headland to the left

Scarborough has a history of being a Spa town. Frequented by well heeled visitors during Victorian and Edwardian times and right up to the 1950s, it was the place to be.

Vintage Scarborough Railway poster courtesy of

This particular park contains many of the springs containing the ‘healing waters’ that gave Scarborough its fame. This small building is a historic pump (I think) for the wells, I’ll get better pictures another time, but it’s quite muddy up there and I didn’t have boots on.

The spring waters regularly trickle across the pavements, and sometimes new springs open, depending on recent weather. It really is a beautifully place, at once wild and yet cultivated and welcoming.

A squirrel hiding amongst the branches

I fell in love with Scarborough years ago, and was lucky enough to move here. After COVID and lockdown, and the great rush to the British seaside, I kind of fell out of love with it. This year though, I’m trying to rediscover it, remember what I loved about it. It truly is a beautiful place to live with all the faded grandeur of more affluent times, and so much wild nature. Anyway, on with the story. Friday evening, my lovely friend C had invited us around for a home cooked dinner. Such a thoughtful invite that I was very grateful for.

She cooked us a delicious Spaghetti bolognaise, which was just the ticket after all of those microwave meals and takeaways. Little Miss played for hours with her friend, C played us some songs on her piano, that she’d written, and then we had a lovely catch up over a glass of beer. It was so chilled, and relaxed we had a delightful evening. Of course, there were tears when I had to drag Little Miss away from her play with her friend, but there was no denying she was exhausted.

Saturday was mostly chilled during the day, with just a few bits for me to get from the shop. On my travels though, I happened upon a sign for a jumble sale. It would have been rude not to check it out. I came away with 3 books, a Harrods makeup bag and a sewing pattern for a grand total of £2.

In the evening though, we met up with my good friend’s R & R who were on a weekend break with their little boy. We went to Taylors Bar and Kitchen for pizza and lots and lots of chat and laughter. I totally failed to take any photos, we were having too much fun. Although, I did take an outfit shot earlier in the day.

Boots – Ralph Lauren, Leggings – M&S, Dress – Homemade, Coat – Vintage, Bag – Mulberry, Hat – Handmade

Today, little Miss has been at a a very energetic party for one of her friend’s. So now, we’re all on wind down. I’m back to work tomorrow, and not looking forward to trying to focus on it while the kitchen gets finished. Hopefully though, come the end of the week, I’ll have a beautiful new kitchen to show you.

5 thoughts on “Wanderings, Ponderings and Catching up with Friends

  1. Scarborough looks so pretty. I appreciate the glimpses of the sea.
    Your outfits are lovely. I particularly like the last one with its mix of High Street and vintage. Very chic!
    Sounds like you’ve had a blast with your friends. How lovely to be treated to songs written by one them too! xx

  2. Taking a breath of fresh air is always a good idea, particularly when you’re discovering previously unknown paths and sights in the process! Not to mention a jumble sale …
    I’m loving your outfits, particularly the one you were wearing on Friday.
    And how gorgeous is that birthday cake! xxx

  3. Our festival friends relocated to Scarborough in 2018 after a few years of living off grid in an old Merc van in Wales for a few years so they still see their Victorian terrace as an absolute palace. It does look lovely, one of these days we’ll have to take them up on their offer to stay!
    Your walk look fabulous, it must have been balm for the soul to escape all that dust and banging.
    Your outfits are all fantastic (as is Thelma) , I love the Toast dress so much! xxx

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