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Well, that was quite a break from the blog wasn’t it? It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about, in fact I’ve had rather a busy few weeks, but perhaps it’s been too busy for me to fire up the blog and share what I’ve been doing.

Where to start? Well, I guess the first thing is, I have a puppy. Meet Thelma the Pug. After Bailey died earlier in the year, I had said I would wait until next spring before I bought another dog, but Thelma came up and she was local and she just clicked. I had forgotten how much work having a puppy was, not just the housetraining, but the general liveliness, the chewing on things and, well, combine it with a 3 year old and it’s double trouble. Nonetheless, she’s settled wonderfully into the family and is such a joy. She’s sleeping on the sofa next to me as I type this.

I’ve also been on a few days out. A few months back I made a list of day out locations so that we didn’t end up battling the crowds along the seafront (or trying to) every weekend. Truth is, while I’m happy to go out and about doing my business these days, it’s still tempered with what I see as still a very present threat of infection. That said, there have been places where I’ve been amongst the crowd, and one such was a modified motor show that I went to with my chap back in July.

Admiring a blue modified Aston Martin

I’ve not been to one of these before, but it was actually great fun, and whilst I’m probably not going to lower my suspension, install a subwoofer and some giant chrome alloys any time soon, or at all, it was actually really interesting to see how passionate people are about their modified cars, not to mention, some really impressive modifications.

Other days out have included Whitby, which is always a favourite, and a glorious little Moors village called Hutton-Le-Hole. That was so idyllic, I was checking out property there on right move as soon as I got home, but alas unless I win the lottery, that’s not going to happen.

Beautiful Hutton-Le-Hole

I also took little miss on her first ever glamping holiday to a local glamp site and working farm called Humble Bee Farm. We had a pod for 2 nights, no TV, glorious weather and a BBQ. Little Miss made lots of friends on the site, we saw the pigs, chickens and Shetland Pony and, needless to say, tantrums were well and truly thrown when it was time to come home. Glamping will definitely be on the agenda again, maybe not this year, but certainly next. Maybe next time I’ll try one of their bell tents, which looked so beautiful.

Little Miss enjoying our glamping pod

The chap has also been overhauling my garden. In fact, he’s made a garden where there was only a ramshackle old yard. Somehow, he’s taken a really pitiful urban square of concrete and made it look bigger, get more sun and found room for a patch of grass and some plants too. Pretty impressive I think, and as you can imagine, the puppy and Little Miss absolutely love it.

A garden where once there was a yard

As well as this I’ve still been working, finishing knitting projects, and even dyed my hair blonde, so little wonder I’ve not been able to fit the blogging in too. Must do better next time.

Wearing my latest finished knitting project at Hutton-Le-Hole

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