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The Van Gogh Experience and Bills Again

I feel like I’ve been updating you on my adventures for an age now, but it’s only since the end of August, it just feels like it’s been a very busy time. That’s not a bad thing of course, although my bank account would disagree.

As my birthday fell on a weekday, I thought it totally reasonable to celebrate on both of the weekends. So, after my trip to the Minster the next on my list was the Van Gogh Experience. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but something I also often forget about. We caught the train down to York again, and walked up into town where the Chap caught up with us. I had a free birthday cake on my Costa app, so keen to use it up, we made that our first stop.

Fuelled up on coffee and cake (is there any better fuel?) we walked up to the Van Gogh Experience. Housed in one of York’s many old church buildings, St. Mary’s, the immersive experience is quite breathtaking. The pews of the church have all been pushed to the side, while the centre is filled with comfy deckchairs.

What ensues is a wonderful display of the work of Vincent Van Gogh, but it completely surrounds you projected onto every wall. What’s more, some of the images are brought to life, with birds seeming to fly across his fields, or skeletons actually smoking cigarettes.

My camera struggled with the lighting conditions

Accompanied by the most relaxing soundtrack, and interspersed with quotes by the great artist himself, it really is a different experience, and a different take on seeing the work of artists. It was so much more than I expected it to be.

The images are all backlit so are very vibrant

Having been to this one, I’d really love to visit the Monet immersive experience in London sometime. It takes about 40 minutes to get through, and I’d have happily gone through again.

Afterwards, we pottered around the shops, mostly gasping at the prices of pre-loved designer bags in Fenwicks, and incredibly uncomfortable designer shoes in Flannels. Before long it was time for dinner.

A little too early for choosing pumpkins

I’d booked Bills again, because we like it, and this time they knew it was (one of) my birthday celebrations and so I got a free cocktail aperitif. Ordinarily, I would always go for an espresso martini, but fancied a refreshing Aperol spritz for a change, and it was just what I needed after working up a thirst wandering the shops.

I love it here

Once again we enjoyed our meals at Bills as we laughed, chatted, and little Miss coloured in the free colouring pages that they give to children. Before long, we were heading for our train again having had a thoroughly enjoyable second birthday celebration.

Now, I’ve got to the end of my adventures for this Summer/ early Autumn. It’s back to reality and normality as we hurtle towards half-term and the winter feasts and festivals. What a lovely few months it’s been though.

4 thoughts on “The Van Gogh Experience and Bills Again

  1. Gosh that’s a great way to spend a day! WE have been many times to a Van Gogh exhibition, it’s nearby. And Espresso Martini is my favourite coctail!

  2. I really fancied that when it came to Brum but it got cancelled because of the pandemic – loved the Frida Kahlo and William Burne-Jones interactive exhibitions we went to, it’s mind-blowing to be immersed in art like that! Your photos are fab.
    Love the photo of little miss pondering the squash, I was tempted with the ones in Aldi yesterday – reduced to 49p, but Jon hates them! xxx

  3. The Van Gogh Experience sounds absolutely amazing!
    And I’m not surprised you went to Bills again. It does looks like a fantastic place.
    What’s not to like about a free cocktail aperitif! xxx

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