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Peaceful Pottering

Last week was half term. The first school break of the year, and very welcome it was too. It wasn’t that I had anything special planned. I’d booked a couple of days off work, but mostly I was just looking forward to spending some time pottering around with little Miss.

We kicked off the first weekend with some crafting. I couldn’t wait to use my new kitchen, so we baked some strawberry cupcakes. These were a bit of a wing-it recipe because I didn’t quite have the right ingredients and I couldn’t be bothered to walk out and buy them. It was fine though because they turned out quite delicious.

Afterwards, we spent some time painting the air dry pottery that we did a few weeks back. It was very relaxing, and I’m so pleased with how my napkin rings turned out. It’s quite delicate material though, I did have 5 napkin rings to start with, but I handled one too robustly and now I have 4.

Love my wonky napkin rings

Monday started off with a well enjoyed long lie in. Little Miss obviously needed the rest more than usual as it was almost the afternoon by the time she finally awoke. There was a surprise knock at the door though, and it was the chap bearing Valentine’s gifts. We’ve not really seen much of eachother these past few weeks. Illnesses, kitchens, busy workloads and life in general have prevented it. Valentines day would be no different, with the chap working late.

He didn’t want me to miss out on my Valentines gifts though, so dropped in the most beautiful penguin ornament by Royal Crown Derby. What a treasure it is, and has pride of place on my fireplace. As well as a new addition to my Loungefly bag collection, which is so cute I can’t wait to wear it out soon.

The rest of the day was one of slow domesticity. Grocery shopping, cooking, playing with little Miss and walking Thelma. For much of the rest of the week I was back at work, and so the week passed with little marker or difference, until Friday, when I’d booked another day off to spend with Little Miss.

After a delicious breakfast of sausage and eggs on toast, we got dressed and set off to the Rotunda Museum, which I have an annual pass for and which Little Miss adores because of the dinosaurs.

It very much caters to children, with little activities and a backpack so they can pretend to be explorers. It’s a lovely little gem, we often visit. Afterwards, it was a trip to the library. With only a few pages left of The Accidental Apprentice, I was keen to get something new, and have gone for non-fiction this time with a couple of interesting reads. Just lately, I don’t seem to have much passion for knitting and crochet, but I’m devouring books like their going out of fashion.

Friday evening, we decided to go for a curry. There’s a local curry house that I often pass, and which always looks bustling. It has a BYOB policy, and I’ve always been since shortly after it opened a couple of years back (yes, it’s taken a couple of years to get around to it). It was little Misses first ever visit to an Indian restaurant, she had chicken nuggets and chips of course. I was slightly more adventurous enjoying a delicious garlic chilli chicken balti. I’m sold, that’s definitely my new choice for Indian food.

Saturday was just spent pottering around town to get some odds and ends that we needed, whilst Sunday was spent reading, art journaling and finishing off the chair arm caps that I started whilst the kitchen was being fitted. Altogether, it was a perfect mix of time spent with little Miss, crafts and relaxing. I definitely felt refreshed by Sunday evening, and ready for the busy week ahead.

3 thoughts on “Peaceful Pottering

  1. Your days of peaceful pottering sound absolutely perfect to me! Spending time with Little Miss is what it’s all about, isn’t it?
    The cupcakes look delicious and I could murder a curry after seeing yours. And oh my, weren’t you spoiled for Valentine’s? How lovely of the chap to bring to bring those presents around! xxx

  2. Love your penguin and the air dried napkin rings. They wouldn’t last five minutes in my clumsy hands! 😀
    I too am craving curry after reading your post.
    Glad Little Miss enjoyed her half term week. xx

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