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Little Obessions

Every now and again I get obsessed with something. I’m sure everyone does. It might be a box set on Netflix, or a certain account on Instagram. It might be a song, or whatever, and there’s no rhyme nor reason as to why, usually. I thought I would share what I’m obsessing about with you at the moment.

Silk Pyjamas

This is one of those things I lust after quite regularly, along with a wardrobe full of cashmere jumpers, it’s something that, to me, screams luxury. The problem is, the price tag also screams luxury. They are usually somewhere in the region of £250 a pair, certainly out of my budget. The ones I am really lusting for at the moment are these beauties from Sleepy Wilson but never fear, I’ve entered a competition to win a pair, so hopefully I’ll win, and then I can enjoy sleeping in super satisfying luxury too.

Silk Pyjamas from – Picture copyright of Sleepy Wilson

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

This is a series which is in its 3rd season and is available on Prime video. I started watching this months ago and got through the first 2 seasons pretty quickly. I’m not going to lie, the array of 1950s outfits are definitely a factor in my adoration of this series. Yes, I am that shallow. Having said that though, the writing is fantastic, the humour quite dark and sufficient twists in the storyline to keep you hooked. It lies somewhere between Mad Men and Sex and the City, if you imagine Sex and the City was in the 1950s and that there wasn’t actually that much sex… but plenty of nice outfits. I’m rambling. Season 3 is now out and I would really recommend you check it out, but certainly not without getting through the first 2 series, otherwise you won’t have the foggiest what’s going on. Check out the trailer below.

LoveShackFancy’s Instagram Feed

So my final obsession, I’m not going to apologise, is extremely feminine and floral and flouncy. There’s a brand called LoveShackFancy who sell absolutely beautiful, romantic, floral dresses. Seriously, check them out. It’s their Instagram feed though that I simply cannot leave alone. Yes, there’s the beautiful dresses, and the accessories, but there’s a whole romatic lifestyle, beaches of St. Barths, the Ritz, Paris, beautiful little girls birthday parties strewn with flowers, and flowers, flowers everywhere. Saltwater hair and impossibly romantic clothes… are you getting the picture here? I am obsessed.

Meanwhile, I’m battling another cold, and downing Beechams powders and multivitamins like their going out of production! Never mind, it’s giving me plenty of opportunity to catch up with my friend on the episodes of Mrs. Maisel.

What are you obsessing about at the moment?

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