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Lego, Lego and a bit of Shopping

Sitting down to write this post, I feel like it’s going to end up being a lot longer than I anticipate since, whilst it’s been a fairly short break from work, I feel like I’ve crammed a lot in. It has been fun though.

Little Miss, thankfully, isn’t naturally an early riser so I wasn’t woken at 5am on Christmas morning, the way some of my friends were. It was a far more sober 8.30am, and her first words to me were “Mummy, I wonder if Santa has been yet”. Needless to say, she was overjoyed to come down and find all of the presents under the Christmas tree.

She’s always enjoyed building blocks, and over the last year this has grown into a real passion for Lego Friends’ sets, so she had several of those from me, and from other friends and family members too. Along with the hilarious game, windy Knickers, that Grandma bought for her, she was absolutely elated.

After opening all of our gifts (I was totally spoiled too with a lovely selection of fabulous gifts), I put the Christmas lamb shoulder in the oven and made a start on building Lego. That would be the last time I would get near the cooker that day, thank heaven for Grandma’s good cooking or we would have had no dinner.

Keeping me busy on Christmas day

Even after 6 hours of dedicated Lego building, Little Miss wanted to do more. I was pooped though, and having enjoyed a gorgeous Christmas meal, and feeling that post meal slump start, it was time to call it a day.

Boxing Day I went down to York to meet up with the chap for a day perusing the shops and eating good food. Our friend’s had bought us a York Gift Card for Christmas, so we combined it with another that the chap had and booked a table at Bills for dinner.

We aren’t really manic shoppers, and York was quite busy, so we just took a gentle wander around the shops, where the chap spoiled me again with this amazing jacket from the Monsoon sale! I can’t wait to wear it.

Jimi Hendrix vibes

We both definitely picked up some bargains along the way, the chap was left carrying all of the bags and, it wasn’t until I looked back on the photos that I realised I had almost the same outfit on that I’d wore down to York a few months back when we went to the theatre. This must be my York outfit, and I must get more experimental with my wardrobe!

Left carrying all the bags
I really need to come up with some new outfit combinations

Mid-afternoon, all shopped out and hungry, we headed to Bills, where the chap persuaded the waiter to let us have the Christmas set menu, despite the fact we hadn’t pre-ordered a week ago. I’d never visited this restaurant before, and I immediately loved the vibe, it feels quite laid back with a mix of industrial decor, crystal chandeliers and velvet seats.

We enjoyed a cocktail each to start, before feasting on 3 beautiful courses of food. Having had so much meat the day before, I couldn’t face another roast, so I opted for the salmon, which was delicious and a welcome change from the heavy meals on offer everywhere else.

Enjoying our cocktails before dinner

By the time we’d finished our meal, darkness was falling and the shops were starting to close so it was time for us to head off.

Tuesday was super chilled. Little Miss and me went round to one of her friends houses where she was able to play with all of his new toys, while I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee with his mum. The rest of the day was pretty much spent building more Lego.

Wednesday morning I met the chap for breakfast at Thornton-le-Dale. We had Thelma with us, so we had to sit outside, but actually under the covered and heated terrace of Balderson’s cafe, it wasn’t too bad at all.

Enjoying a fry-up

It did, alas, start raining by the time we were finishing up, but we decided to walk Thelma around the duck pond anyway. It genuinely was, nice weather for Ducks!

definitely umbrella weather

I spent the rest of the day sewing. At the start of the break I had 3 projects I wanted to get finished before I go back to work:

  • Finish my crochet Shawl
  • Finish my smock top
  • Finish the cardigan I’m knitting for little Miss.

I finished my crochet shawl just before breaking for work, and given it’s my first proper crochet project, I’m absolutely overjoyed with the end result.

The smock top was inspired by the smocks I’d seen a few months back at Robin Hood’s Bay. Wednesday’s sewing afternoon meant I got it all but finished, just finishing the hem today. Unfortunately, Little Misses cardigan had more to do than I thought, but I’ve made some good progress with it.

So pleased with my finished top

Thursday we decided to take a trip back down to York, but this time to the outlet. I was going for the trip and a peruse, with no intention of buying. How do you think that went? I bought Little Miss some trainers in her next size up so she’ll be in those by Summer, and then I couldn’t leave these Kurt Geiger shoes reduced from £169 to £29. I can’t wait for an occasion to wear these, or for the weather to have my toes out!

rainbows and glitter

Friday was another play date for little miss. We met 2 of her friends at the soft play place, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and I had a lovely catch up with their mums, who also happen to be my friends too. Happy days.

There you have it, and just like that, tomorrow will be another year. I find New Years Eve a bit of an anti-climax to be honest. The hype always seems to be better than the reality, so I plan to enjoy a can of Guinness while watching TV. I’m rock n roll like that. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate though, have a fabulous time and I wish you a very Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Lego, Lego and a bit of Shopping

  1. Happy New Year, Louise, your Mum, Little Miss, Thelma and the Chap! I loved reading about your Xmas and I’m thrilled one of my friends has bought that incredible Monsoon jacket, if I didn’t have so many jackets and coats it would be in my wardrobe, too! Well done on the crochet, it’s so rewarding, isn’t it? xxx

  2. Happy New Year, Louise!
    Oh my, what a gorgeous tree, and I would have loved playing with that Lego when I was as little girl.
    Never mind the repeat outfit, you look absolutely fantastic. That Monsoon jacket is a stunner!
    I definitely love the look of Bills! I’ve only been to York once, so perhaps we should be paying it a repeat visit some time soon. Quite a trek from Belgium though! xxx

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