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It’s All Gone a Bit Pete Tong

I barely had a chance to catch my breath after coming home from the Peak District before it was time for another adventure. The chap and I had booked tickets for the Pete Tong Ibiza Classics gig at Scarborough Open Air Theatre months back, and whilst I was looking forward to it, the unpredicatable summer weather had made me wonder whether it would end up being a bit of a wash out.

Waiting for beer in my new to me neon dress

I need not have worried. It was a beautiful day and evening, and I was so excited to finally crack out the neon bodycon dress that I’d bought from Vinted, especially.

With my trusty trainers on and a healthy lash of neon face paint, I was ready for dancing, and so was the chap. At the same time, I was also mindful that I had another long drive coming up in a few more days (that’s another blog post) and that the last dance gig we went to left me unable to walk the following day from too much bouncing. This time around I’d booked a seated ticket, boring but necessary, but actually didn’t turn out to be that boring because I was still able to get ample amounts of dancing and waving of my glow sticks.

I can’t say the 1 hour queue for our beers was a bundle of fun when we got there, but the concert was amazing. Alongside Pete Tong churning out the tunes was an orchestra, talented singers, and a beautiful laser light show, which, as the sun started to set in the sky became more and more effective. Lots of our old favourites were played, and it was truly a spectacular night. This type of gig really appeals to me because, while I absolutely love dance music, I’m also a big fan of classical and I’ve always been acutely aware of the crossover between the two. When you get DJ’s remixing pieces like Barber’s Adagio for Strings, it creates a whole new experience and I’m so glad it’s something that many DJs are happy to explore.

Once it was all over, we jumped on an open top bus outside the theatre for a (chilly) ride along the seafront and up into town to finish off with a couple of pints in a pub. Needless to say, we were most definitely the brightest dressed in there as we quaffed our pints of beer.

Mighty chilly on that open top bus

We finished the night with a kebab (the chap) and cheesy chips (me), which we probably didn’t need but seems to have become a bit of a routine for our Scarborough nights out. It was one of those nights that made me feel like I was 25 again, and if Pete Tong comes back to Scarborough I would definitely buy tickets again.

A good end to an excellent night

One thought on “It’s All Gone a Bit Pete Tong

  1. You definitely look the part in your neon bodycon dress and neon face paint, Louise!
    Sounds like a great night out, thank you for sharing some of the fun! xxx

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