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It Was All Lego(land)

I’m fairly sure that I’ve mentioned before about little Misses obsession with Lego. I may not have mentioned before that the Chap shares this obsession, and so when I mentioned that I might like to take little miss to Legoland this summer, the chap could barely contain his excitement and rushed out to get the tickets in a heartbeat! Finally, he had a justification to go, and of course, Little Miss was bursting with excitement from the time she found out she was going, until we were finally on the road and heading on the long, long journey south to Windsor.

The White House

We arrived on the Tuesday evening at our amazing hotel, the De Vere Beaumont Estate. It wasn’t exactly a bargain price, but nor was it horribly expensive for the location in Old Windsor, and the beautiful facilities. The hotel itself is a former public school, with its own chapel and an area of the hotel that can be hired out exclusively called the White House. Set within 44 acres of grounds, it’s quite simply a beautiful place to stay but is so vast that a lot of walking around is involved.

The grounds of the hotel
War memorial in the hotel grounds

By the time we arrived, it was quite late and probably my one big moan about the hotel is the restaurant facilities. The nice restaurant closes too early and the other restaurant is a bit like a bad all you can eat buffet which was fairly empty and dried out by the time we arrived. Nonetheless, it didn’t take away from the beauty of the rest of our surroundings.

A very blurred picture of us heading out for dinner on the first night
Wearing the Kaftan top I bought from Peak Boutique

Before leaving home, I’d arranged a dog sitter in Windsor to look after Thelma while we went to Legoland. Aside from the fact that dogs aren’t allowed in there, it was incredibly hot on the day we went and she would have ended up poorly, I’m sure of it. So, we dropped Thelma with the lovely pet sitter and then headed off to Legoland. The children, oh sorry, little miss and the chap were so excited to get through the gates of the park, where we were instantly greeted by a walking brick.

Strolling down the hill, it wasn’t long before we came to the Miniland area. Although I like playing Lego a bit with little miss, I’m not obsessed or particularly skilled, but for me, I think Miniland was my favourite bit of the park.

Taj Mahal in Lego

It’s a series of model cities, with everything made from Lego. There’s London, Paris, Edinburgh, Vegas, to name just a few. They aren’t just models though, there was organ music coming out of the model of St. Paul’s Cathedral, a model coronation party in front of Windsor castle and boats and buses travelling around the model streets of Newcastle and Gateshead. It’s seriously impressive and how anyone can build them is just awe inspiring.

Little Miss appreciated the lego

It definitely opened my eyes to why people do get so engrossed in Lego. These photos have also opened my eyes as to how bad I am at packing to go away. I don’t know why I leave all my favourite dresses at home in the wardrobe, although to be fair, that linen top that I made myself is super cool to wear and it was an incredibly hot day at Legoland.

After Miniland it was on to some of the rides, and to be honest, the queues were so big that we only went on a few of them. Little Miss enjoyed her first ever go on a rollercoaster, and she totally loved it. She wanted to go again but I wasn’t about to queue for another hour in the searing heat. Then we went on a lovely little boat ride around a fairytale land, which was relaxed and a bit cooler as a lot of it was in shade. After grabbing food in one of the fast food outlets, Little Miss got her Legoland driving license, finishing up on the Horror Mansion. Then, it was back up to the shop to spend what money I had left on Lego goodies.

It’s years since I’ve been to a theme park. In fact, I was probably a child myself the last time I went to one, and whilst it wouldn’t be my first choice of day out, I can’t deny that it was fun. It was especially fun seeing the excitement and joy of little Miss, and making another fantastic summer memory.

Tired out, and hot to boot, we set off to pick Thelma up from the dog sitter. When I arrived the dog sitter had well and truly fallen in love with her. She’d had walks, they’d played and she’d been adorable so there was an open invite for if I was ever back in Windsor to leave Thelma with them again.

The chap at lego Easter island

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped off at the ‘Bells of Ouzeley’ Harvester for dinner. Thankfully, it was still warm because we weren’t allowed to sit inside with Thelma, so we sat out and enjoyed our dinner before retiring back to the hotel, thoroughly exhausted from a lively and exciting day.

2 thoughts on “It Was All Lego(land)

  1. What a stroke of luck that the chap shares Little Miss’s obsession with Lego!
    Legoland looks absolutely amazing, and I’m loving the look of your fancy hotel. What a shame about the buffet restaurant though.
    I’m glad to hear Thelma had a lovely time with the pet sitter too! xxx

  2. I loved Lego as a child! That Taj Mahal and Statue of Liberty are incredible.
    I love the tunic you bought from The Peak Boutique, it looks very luxe and designer-y. The hotel looks very posh, the only time i’ve been to Windsor was to cater for some fancy event! xxx

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