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Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

What a busy week it’s been. I closed out last weekend by finishing off the cardigan I’ve been knitting for Little Miss.

Made from all of the spare ends of yarn from previous makes, I knitted up an oversized patchwork creation that should, hopefully, last her at least a year. It’s too big now, but still works as a nice spring jacket.

Granted, this did take me an inordinate amount of time to knit, I guess I’ll just always be a slow knitter, but little Miss loves it, and so do I.

In a change to the usual, a change is as good as a rest they say, I went down to the office on Tuesday instead, and it proved to be a most sociable day. For lunch, my good friend H treated me to tapas at Ambiente which was quite delicious. We just ordered a selection of dishes between us, and had a good old catch up while we enjoyed them. It was a lovely break to the day, just a shame we had to go back to work.

The afternoon went quickly though, and before I knew it I was packing away my laptop and heading out to meet the chap. We were heading to the Hop for pizza and beer.

The Hop is a good pub, with a nice atmosphere and was where we ended up on a night out with friends a few months back. The pizza is huge and reasonably priced, there’s proper beer and ales on tap, and it just has a buzz that I really like.

as delicious as it looks

Me and the chap enjoyed a lovely mid-week date before it was time for me to head home.

The rest of the week was a strange one for some part. Thursday, the school’s were on strike. Little Miss was at home, and getting maximum use from some of the fabulous crafty gifts she’d been bought for her birthday last week. Friday, I was on half day at work anyway, in anticipation of the evening’s events, but then only a couple of hours after dropping Little Miss at school it was time to pick her up again, as a number of her teachers had fallen ill. I was glad of a bit more time to spend with her that afternoon.

Late afternoon the chap headed over, and we enjoyed our usual Friday night fayre of fish and chips from the regular chippy. Delicious. After that, it was time for me and the chap to head out as we’d got tickets for Jo Whiley’s 90s Anthems. An event to bring back memories of my 6th form days, being held at Scarborough spa.

Sunny evening walk to the Spa

Thankfully, the weather had cleared up from the grim rain and fog of the day, making it nice enough for us to walk to the spa, and giving plenty of photo opportunities in the Edwardian pavilions along the way.

Dressed for dancing

I know I always want to dance at these events, so the outfit was more about that than looking glam. I’d made the mistakes of sky high heels and body con dresses in the actual 1990s!

It took a while for the venue to fill up, but the warm up DJ’s were great at getting the crowd going. I was definitely shouting along to Zombie by the Cranberries at one point, while the chap was more than happy to rap along to the Fresh prince of Bel Air.

By the time Jo Whiley hit the decks, the room was full and the vibe was amazing. The thing that stood out for me about the event was how happy people were. If you bumped into people, or landed on someone’s toe while jumping around to House of Pain, a sorry and an exchange of smiles and all was resolved, if only all nights out were like that.

How beautiful is the outdoor pavilion at the spa?

After hours of bouncing to Nirvana, Pulp, EMF and all the other bands of my formative years, the lights came up. I was a sweaty mess, my trainers were sticking to the beer coated dance floor and I’d broken my handbag. It was time to find a kebab shop and head for bed.

Fun times

Which is exactly what we did, walking in procession with a load of other revellers to the local kebab shop, where the chap enjoyed kebab meat and chips, and I went for cheesy chips. It was 12pm. I’d truly relived the 90s, and it was amazing.

The next day, my knees didn’t work anymore. Meanwhile, the chap seemed able to dig out my front garden and take a ton of rubbish to the tip for me. All I could do was sit on the sofa and crochet. Obviously that kebab meat has super powers, and that’s where I went wrong.

The rest of the Bank Holiday was pretty chilled. On Sunday, H came over with her boy to visit and drop off Little Miss’ birthday present, which was another lovely catch up, then it was off to a party for one of Little Miss’s school friends in the afternoon.

Monday was all about the garden again. It’s really coming on nicely now.

2 thoughts on “Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

  1. I’m loving Little Miss’s cardigan, never mind if it took you a while to finish.
    Drooling over those delicious looking pizzas, and your 90s night out sounds absolutely fabulous! xxx

  2. Little Miss’s cardi is a triumph, can you make me one?! You are clever.
    Loved your casual outfit for your 1990s night out and the outdoor pavillion is indeed gorgeous. I’m craving pizza now which is lucky as that’s what we’re having for tea! xxx

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