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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hello campers! Can you believe it’s the end of the weekend again, already. Blink and you miss it! Last week was definitely a game of two halves. I’m in a fairly critical stage of delivering a project right now, and I’m definitely feeling the pressure. So, the first half of last week I found myself feeling decidedly meh! I’m not particularly good at recognising stress in myself, but a week of disturbing dreams caused me to reflect, and, oh yep, there it is. Whilst I’m fairly sure it will stick around for a bit longer, at least now I’m aware I can do things to manage it. Which is kind of how the end of the week panned out, by accident as much as by design.

Thursday evening I got a text from a Mum of one of Little Miss’ friends, inviting us both to an impromptu family party being celebrated because she had some family visiting from London. Not one to turn a party invite down, after dinner I got us both ready and we headed off.

I hadn’t anticipated how good a party it was going to be. Food and drink a plenty, a live singer and a fabulous atmosphere. Little Miss had a great time playing with her friend, and I had a fabulous time at the party. That was most definitely not expected, especially not on a Thursday evening.

A mid week party with a live singer. Amazing.

Friday, the schools were on strike, and I’d booked half a day off work for me and Little Miss to go get our haircuts. I’ve just been leaving my hair for a while. Trying to figure out how I felt about it, and where I want to go next. I decided that, longer hair just isn’t me. I love having short hair, I feel funkier, livelier and more like myself. Luckily, my long suffering hairdresser is well used to the whims of my hairstyle choices, and knows me well, so did me a fabulous cut that I absolutely love.

Now I just need to decided on colour! Little Miss was desperate to have her hair cut short too, so we went for a chin length bob that looks very Amelie, and she’s very happy too.

The weather was so beautiful on Friday afternoon, that we spent the rest of the afternoon on the seafront, being tourists in our own town.

It’s a good job we did, because the weather broke on Saturday. I spent the morning enjoying coffee in a local cafe, before perusing the charity shops where I managed to replace my one person tea pot, that simply cracked down the side last week. I’m glad I’ll be able to enjoy my Yerba Mate, and Rose petal teas again now!

Today, Little Miss had another party to go to. I’m not going to lie, 5 years olds have the best social life! The rest of the day has been spent fairly lazily, waiting for the storm to break and this humidity to pass.

2 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Disturbing dreams are a sure sign of stress, so the weekend must have been very welcome. At 60+ I’m still not very adept at recognizing stress in myself, and I probably never will be, but one of my signs is the onset of migraine-like symptoms on top of those disturbing dreams.
    I’m glad to hear you’ve made the most of the school strike to get fresh haircuts, and I’m absolutely lovely your shorter hair. And the new teapot!
    Your weeknight party sounds just the ticket too! xxx

  2. Your hair looks amazing! You are lucky to have a hairdresser that gets you.
    The party sounded brilliant like a mini festival what with the live music.
    Its gin that gives me weird dreams as opposed to stress, I just get more fidgety and manic until I start annoying myself and admit defeat! xxx

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