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Free at Last

I’ve lost count of the number of events, trips and social engagements I’ve cancelled over recent weeks. Largely down to illness of someone involved, or because some other appointment has arisen, but none of it through any person’s fault. I won’t lie, it actually started to get me down, which is why the chap sent me this gorgeous bouquet of Gladioli last week. I’ve never paid Gladioli much attention before, but this could be a new favourite, aren’t they gorgeous?

So, that’s the reason why the last post on this blog was almost a month ago but thankfully, it looks like the spell is broken and this last week of enjoying time with good friends and family has been exactly the elixir I’ve needed.

My workplace recently introduced 2 additional days off, but they have to be used to do something fun. My good friend H, who I also happen to work with, suggested that we do a pottery workshop, and that came around on Thursday. H came over around midday, and we started our afternoon with a sunny lunch on the terrace of Oliver’s on the Mount with a fabulously clear view across the whole of Scarborough.

View of Scarborough from Olivers

Then we went to Fancy Frog pottery for our workshop. It was such fun. There was just the 2 of us in the session, so it was a really good session where we got lots of time from the instructor. Neither of us had ever used a pottery wheel before, so it was both a bit exciting, and I was a bit scared that I might send the pot flying off the wheel.

Enjoying some pottery

I didn’t, thankfully, and actually came away super happy with 2 pots and a cereal bowl that I’d created with my own fair hands. We have to wait for them to be fired in the kiln now, but will hopefully be able to pick those up in about 6 weeks. I’m really looking forward to eating my cereal every day from the bowl that I’ve made.

I made some pots

While I’ve not been going anywhere, I have used the time constructively and made a dress. It’s so long since I’d done any real dressmaking that I’d forgot how enjoyable it was. Losing myself for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, focussing on creating something. I chose a lovely loose fitting dress pattern from my stash, a 1980s original, and bought some lightweight floaty viscose from my local material shop, Material Moves. I gave the dress it’s first outing on Saturday, for a trip to Helmsley.

So pleased with my homemade dress

Given the incredible temperatures we have at the moment, it was most definitely the right choice and earned its place as a favourite summer dress.

Helmsley was fabulous. Whilst busy, it wasn’t crazy and was a welcome escape from the crowds in Scarborough. We ate a delicious light lunch outside on a sunny terrace at Cornucopia, where everyone was so kind, especially when little miss dropped an entire glass of apple juice down her dress.

Afterwards, we browsed around antique shops and boutiques, including the newly opened Fairfax and Favor shop. It’s beautiful. I didn’t buy anything. In fact, aside from food, the only things I bought all day were from the Oxfam shop, and that was a book for little miss, and this rather cute table mat from Austria. It was such an enjoyable day out.

A souvenir from Austria… or Helmsley Oxfam

About 3 months ago, I bought a spa day for me and the chap, from Wowcher. I think both of us spent the past week worrying that something would come up which meant we had to cancel. Thankfully, it didn’t, and yesterday we went to the Bannatyne health spa, in York.

We arrived in the afternoon, just before we were due to get our treatments. A mini back massage, facial and head massage. It was so relaxing and immediately put us at our ease.


After the treatments, we enjoyed a light lunch in the cafe, before heading into the pool to swim. I haven’t been swimming properly in such a long time, it felt like such a treat. After doing some lengths, we relaxed in the jacuzzi, used the sauna and relaxed on the poolside loungers.

We were there for about 4 hours, into the early evening. We really enjoyed spending some relaxing time together, and as we left to drive home, both of us felt incredibly Zen. Even the traffic heading back to Scarborough couldn’t kill my chill.

Definitely something we need to do again. Now, I have two more relaxing days off work. I’ll be spending them with little Miss, and the Thelma. Mostly we’ll be pottering, going for walks, playing lego and starting to think about the things that I need to get for little Miss starting school in September. It’s coming around quickly.

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