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Filey Steampunk Weekend

Last weekend, the summer, at least the first hint of it, finally decided to show it’s face in North Yorkshire. Don’t worry, it’s subsequently done what it always does and hidden safely behind a big cloud again, but for a fleeting moment, it was here.

Nice weather for being out on your boat… if you have one

After a morning spent making poly clay brooches with little miss, and doing my first ever EVER watercolour painting, we got itchy feet and I decided that a trip to Filey was the order of the day.

We arrived in the early afternoon to blazing sunshine and a busy high street. Going into the first charity shop for a peruse though, it was obvious that something MAY have been happening in the town, given away by a couple of ladies dressed in decidedly Victorian costume. Given my predeliction for randomly talking to strangers in the street (something I need to teach little Miss not to do) I asked what was going on, and was delighted to find out that we’d stumbled upon Filey Steampunk weekend. I was not delighted to find out I’d missed an opportunity to dress up!

Feeling hungry, having not had lunch, we headed to one of our favourite restaurants, Charlotte’s, only to be told that they didn’t allow dogs and weren’t serving food any more (it was only mid-afternoon), Disappointed, we made our way through the throng of interestingly dressed Victorian types and found a rather inviting chip shop on the high street, with a cosy seating area tucked away in the back. Dog friendly and still serving food, we were on to a winner. In fact, beyond dog friendly, Thelma got a free sausage from one of the ladies who worked there.

I’ve recently gone pescetarian, having decided I don’t need meat in my life any more, so it was good old fish and chips for me, and delicious it was too.

Hunger sated and ready to explore, we headed back towards the throng of interesting Victorian types that were congregated around the town hall and gardens, and went inside to explore the Steampunk market, selling all sorts of fabulous and fantastical hats, blouses and Steampunk paraphernalia. I managed to resist the urge to buy, tempted as I was, and instead went back outside to talk nicely to people and ask if I could take their photos.

Fabulously dressed Steampunks

Who knew the Steampunk community was so friendly? Aside from letting me take photos, people were talkative and happy and generally welcoming.

Then we set off down to the sea front. The tide was in, so there was no playing on the beach to be had, but it wasn’t all lost for little Miss when she got to go on the bouncy castle. The seafront at Filey is so beautiful, it’s less commercial than some of the surrounding beaches, and very vast which means you can sit quite peacefully and just watch the sea and admire the wonderful vista.

Outfit details: Skirt – Toast, Top – Breton shirt company, Hat – MaxMara Weekend, Bag – Mulberry

After an ice cream from the kiosk, including a special doggy ice cream for Thelma, we made the long walk back along the seafront and up through the gardens, along the steep hill and back to the car to head home. An impromptu visit to another town had opened up a whole new world to me, and whilst I may not suddenly start dressing like Philomena Fogg, who knows, the next time I see a Steampunk weekend advertised, I may well see what I can cobble together from my wardrobe.

Beautiful Filey on the walk back to the Car Park

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