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Countryside Walks and Back to School

Following the madness of the previous weeks, the end of the summer holiday’s brought with it a slower pace. Unpredictable weather gave way to glorious sunshine (of course it did, it was almost time for the children to return to school), and days out were enjoyed closer to home.

A few days after I’d returned home, and after seeing my bestie in Bedford, I was blessed with a second chance to meet up with her and some of our other friends in York. I’d got to thinking that meet ups with her are a bit like buses, nothing for ages, and then two come along at once. So, the group of us, with children, met up at the Cosy Club in York for Bank Holiday Monday dinner and catch ups, and it really was a lovely afternoon of chatter and fun. We’re already trying to arrange the next one.

Views over Snainton

The following weekend, the sun shone beautifully again, so me and the chap decided to meet up at nearby Snainton and do a circular walk, followed by Sunday dinner (you’ve probably noticed that a lot of my life revolves around food).

Each summer, I say I’m going to do more walking, and each summer I don’t. It’s shocking really given I live on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors, maybe next year. Anyway, we set off in the heat to do the Snainton circular walk, and given I drive through this village so regularly, it was really enlightening to see all that sits behind the one road of cottages. It’s actually a very vast space, and rather beautiful.

Check out those blue skies

As the day wore on and it got hotter and hotter, I regretted bringing Thelma. While she kept up, I always worry about her in very hot conditions. She was glad when we got to the Coachman Inn for our Sunday dinner, where she could hide in the shade while we fought wasps off our carvery meals. It wasn’t as bad as all that though, it was a lovely day out but I was definitely exhausted by the end of it.

I love being outside. Walking, camping, just being outside and yet, it’s something I don’t make enough time to do. Looking out at the grey clouds and drizzle that October is bringing, I doubt I’ll be doing much of it now.

Bloody hell, look at the size of that dinner!

The following week, little miss was back at school. She’s growing up so fast, but I was really pleased that we’d crammed so much in over the break, that she was going back refreshed and happy. The summer holidays can be exhausting, juggling work and trying to spend time with your special little person too, but at the same time, they are fleeting and precious.

I don’t share many photos of little Miss so here is Thelma modelling little Misses new school backpack

2 thoughts on “Countryside Walks and Back to School

  1. I love being out and about in nature and going for invigorating walks, although like you I haven’t done quite enough of them over Summer.
    Your walk sounds lovely, particularly with that delicious looking Sunday lunch waiting for you at the end.
    And surely it’s a given that the weather starts improving again once the new school year is in sight!
    Love that photo of Thelma modelling Little Miss’s backpack. Look at that face, I’m not sure she’s ready for school 🙂

  2. Goodness me, how big was that dinner!!
    Unless we’re on holiday I don’t do much walking – unless its into the town centre and back. We always say we should do more at home but never do.
    Loving himself’s Pete Tong tee and Thelma looks very dashing modeling Little Miss’s rucksack! xxx

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