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Comic Con and Other Stuff

I can’t believe that we’re in the final week of summer. With Little Miss about to start school, my week has been a hectic combination of work (cramming 5 days into 4 with the bank holiday), and trying to get organised for next week. The latter hasn’t gone so well yet, but I still have a few days remaining to get myself into action.

Last weekend, which seems like a dim and distant memory, we took advantage of a sunny Saturday to spend some time at the beach. I’ve mostly been avoiding it over the holidays since, the popularity of British Staycations means the crowds have been unbearable. Saturday wasn’t so bad though, and we were able to pitch up our beach shelter and enjoy making sandcastles and paddling in the sea. Precariously paddling in the sea I might add given we seem to have a lot of Jellyfish around our coastline at the moment.

On Sunday, we headed down to York to visit the York Unleased Comic Con. It was my first ever Comic Con. Surprisingly, despite being an absolute Marvel fanatic, it was also the chap’s first Comic Con. It was mighty busy, and it was really interesting to see the range of stuff on offer. Everything from Dr Who, to Elvira. Gremlins to Spiderman, but alas I didn’t find an elusive Tank Girl comic. I had one in my late teens, I wish I had kept hold of it because they seem to be impossible to come by now.

Little Miss absolutely loved the event, so somehow, I don’t think it will be our last.

I mostly came away with an empty wallet, and some fabulous horror prints to put on my walls. My favourite are these portraits of Frankenstein and The Bride by artist Carolyn Craggs, which I promptly put up in my office/dining room, now referred to as the horror room, on Monday.

In fact, aside from fixing some patches which were coming loose from my denim jacket, most of Monday was taken up with putting pictures on walls. Many of them had been lying around waiting for me to put them up for some months, so at least I finally got around to it.

Aside from that, it really has just been a week of working, organising and reminiscing on where the past 4 years have gone.

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