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Burn out

What a week. In fact, what a few weeks. I just feel like the past month has been 100 miles an hour as I try to get everything wrapped up in time for Christmas (not literally wrapped up since, the majority of the gifts I have for people are still waiting eagerly to be wrapped). This time of year is always busy for me, but I’ve really felt it this year. What with illness, and general tiredness, late nights working and little time for crafting, playing or going out.

2 hats I finished knitting recently

I’ve still managed to squeeze a very few things in, so, for example I have managed to finish knitting 2 hats during the past month or so. What actually happened there is I knitted one for the chap, and then I liked it so much myself that I ended up making one for myself too, albeit in pastel colours. I’m going to adapt the pattern to make one for little Miss next since she’s been asking for one.

Then there’s been little miss’ first ever nativity and trips to see Santa Claus, including going to see Santa arrive in the harbour on his boat. These things have been magical and I wouldn’t sacrifice enjoying those special moments for anything.

Dinner at the Talbot

I did also enjoy a lovely afternoon out with the chap last weekend though. We met up for a pre-Christmas feast at the Talbot in Malton. I don’t usually binge when I go out, I’m a mains and pudding kinda person, but we both had the full 3 courses and I needed rolling to my car afterwards.

We took Thelma for a little walk afterwards, just so we didn’t fall into food comas before heading home. It was a lovely chilled afternoon, and was just what was needed in amongst all the busyness.

I’m determined that next year I’m not going to find myself quite so busy, at this time of year or at any other. The nature of my work is such that there will always be busy periods, but I need to be stricter with my work/life balance for sure. The other thing I want to make sure I’m doing next year is incorporating more movement into my life, be that yoga, or going for a long walk in the country. Sitting at my desk at home all day (and sometimes into the night) is just not the one if I don’t want to be in a state in another 5 years time.

I love the fresh starts that January brings about. I doubt I’m going to be bothered to blog again between now and New Year. I have one more week of work, and then I want to chill out, relax and spend time with my loved ones. So, I wish you all a fabulous Christmas, however you spend it, and hope that 2022 brings you all the joy, love, health and happiness you cold wish for.

Taken on a beautiful nearby walk this week


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