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Birthday Meal at The Ivy, York

If you follow me on Instagram then it’s probably not escaped your attention that this week was my Birthday. Well, Wednesday to be specific but who needs to be specific where Birthdays are concerned? A week of over indulgence is perfectly acceptable when there’s the passing of another year to celebrate. Having said that, by the time Saturday swung around, the new dress I had bought especially for the day was feeling a tad snug!

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It was even more snug after I left

Every time I’m heading over to York for a leisurely day (as opposed to work) I always intend to go to The Ivy, and every time, I don’t! That’s why I booked this table about 2 months ago. In my experience, planning well in advance is the only way of guaranteeing you will do something. Then, once I had booked, a friend sent me into a bit of a whirlwind when he queried whether children were allowed? Thankfully, when I put that question to the staff at The Ivy, they were baffled. Of course children are allowed. Phew! Who wants to celebrate a birthday without their little Miss? Not me!

We headed over to York around lunchtime for a peruse around the shops before dinner. While wandering I decided to have some false eyelashes put on. I never wear false eyelashes, especially not in the day, but you know how sometimes when it’s your birthday you just want to do something a bit nonsense? Well this was it, rock n roll, I know!

Anyway our table was booked at 5, and the restaurant was absolutely packed. We were shown to our table which was in a great position bang in the middle of the restaurant. In terms of my previous concerns about whether provision would be made for little Miss, I need not have worried! Once she was next to me in her high chair, our hostess took her pushchair away to a safe spot out of the way and, with our menus, I was given one specifically for children too. Perfect!


The atmosphere was bustling and little Miss loved people watching and I think almost every waiter and waitress stopped by to speak to the ‘little Princess’ as they called her.

The ivy york

We started with some alcohol free aperitifs (I don’t drink alcohol at all) and skipped the starters. For mains I had Veal, which was a special and was divine. I can’t even begin to explain how rich and just how delicious it was.

Little Miss had good old sausage and mash, which she thoroughly enjoyed and happily polished off.

Grandma enjoyed some delicious Salmon.

After some more non-alcoholic cocktails, including one made up especially ‘off menu’ it was on to dessert. I’ve been psyching myself up for this chocolate bombe all week and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Decadent, rich and thoroughly enjoyable. I was full… at least I thought I was.


Earlier in the evening our hostess had asked if we were celebrating anything. I told her it was my birthday and, after dessert, I was presented with a beautiful donut with cream and raspberry filling, with a candle. I’m no quitter, I ate the beautiful confection.

By the end of the meal I felt like I needed to roll out, but it had been everything I hoped it would be; luxurious, fun and a perfect experience. The food was fabulous. The setting is beautiful, but, the friendliness and efficiency of the people who work there is really what puts the candle in the doughnut!

I had to share a gratuitous shot of the ladies because it was just so pretty

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