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A Whole Week? To Make a Loaf of Bread?

I must confess, I have now lost track of how many weeks we have been on lockdown here in the UK. I know something, Boris’ relaxation of the lockdown rules last weekend did nothing to entice me out of the house. If anything, it made me more reluctant to venture outside.

One thing I did manage to accomplish last weekend, however, was moving my blog to a new domain, and changing the design a little bit. I’ve never had my own domain before, so this is very exciting.

This week’s backdrop has been one of a very busy workload, as well as a load of car related stress that I won’t bore you with, other than to say that the car I bought only 3 months ago hasn’t exactly lived up to what I had hoped. In amongst the busyness though of working, mummying, and trying to sort the car out, I did also venture into the world of bread making. A friend of mine shared the recipe for a Sourdough starter with me a couple of weeks back, and it wasn’t until another friend of mine actually managed to find me some bread flour on her grocery shop last weekend, that I could actually think of making it.

I started the starter last Saturday, and religiously stirred it and watched it develop, before I could start ‘feeding’ it on Thursday, and that’s when the fun really started. If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen how that unfolded, until yesterday when I was finally in a position to make my first Sourdough loaf.

Sourdough Bread

It’s a very involved process, but I won’t have to make my starter again, and actually I really enjoyed it all. The bread tastes delicious. I won’t say it’s perfect, I need to work on the rise but I’m not going to beat myself up over it, it was afterall my first loaf. It made a delicious accompaniment, toasted, to my smoked salmon and scrambled eggs this morning.

So, what else have I been up to? Well, Wednesday evening was beautiful, and after finishing work I was able to enjoy some time sitting in the sunshine in my garden, which is now actually turning into a nice and usable area.

Enjoying some time in the sun after a day of working

We ate our dinner outside, vegetarian burger with salad.

Meanwhile little Miss got to thoroughly enjoy the Roba sand kitchen that her God-Parents sent for her birthday. She gets in such a mess with this, but it’s clean mess, if that makes sense, and she gets such joy from it.

ROBA mud kitchen sand kitchen
Little miss enjoying her sand kitchen

Today, I’ve been doing a little project in the lean to. The lean to is nothing fancy, but too much time on Pinterest has me dreaming of turning it into a bohemian seating area. A not quite outside space filled with colour, plants and, well, clutter really. The window area is most unattractive though.

bohemian interiors

Well, at least it was until I put this stained glass film on it today, and now it’s a riot of colour and is much more pleasing. I can now believe that maybe I will get my colourful and interesting lean to space… maybe.

Bohemian lean to
After, with a splash of colour

Anyway, bank holiday tomorrow, yey. Maybe I’ll get some dressmaking done or something… whilst eating Sourdough bread with jam and butter. What plans do you have for a Bank Holiday on lockdown?

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