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A VIP Cinema Experience, Lunch with the God-Parents and Mother’s Day Weekend

See what happens when you take a short break from blogging? You end up cramming LOADS of things into one blog post. It wasn’t an intentional break, in part I was too busy doing all the things, and in part I’ve been focussing on work (what’s new?), crochet (which is my new craft obsession), and reading a fantastic feminist book called, ‘In Defence of Witches’, rather than writing a blog post. So, grab a cuppa, this is going to be quite a catch up.

The chap and I intended to go and see ‘One Love’ pretty much since it was released. Whilst I’m a big reggae fan, and do like Bob Marley, I never really knew too much about him, his life, how he rose to fame etc. When we finally did get a chance to go, the chap was really keen for us to go to the Cineworld, VIP experience. He’d been before, I hadn’t, but basically for £25 you get your ticket to the film, early entry into a private lounge area, a buffet, in film snacks (popcorn, hotdogs, nachos) and these amazing red leather reclining seats. I won’t lie, now I’ve done it, I want to do it again!

Have you ever seen a happier chap?
Boots – Clarks (old), Dress – Jolie Moi, Gilet – Can’t remember

So, we met up in York, and we were early, so went for a coffee in the nearby bowling alley first. I found a comfy chair and took out my crochet, much to the chap’s amusement. Then we had a couple of games of pool (winning 1 game a piece, in case you’re interested), before heading round to the cinema. The film itself was good, I thought. I loved the focus on the music, and learned a lot about Bob. Growing up in Coventry, the hometown of Ska music, which of course has its roots in reggae, it was a sound that was always around me in my childhood and teen years. I don’t think the chap had it as such a strong influence growing up, he’s making up for it ever since we saw the film with the CD playing on repeat in his car.

After the cinema we had a potter around some shops, not buying much apart from a couple of LPs in the charity shop (ABBA and Kid Creole and the Coconuts).

The next day, Little’s misses God-parents (and their parents) were coming across to Scarborough for a day. We met up at lunch time at Olivers on the Mount. Of course, they never arrive empty handed, and little Miss was thoroughly spoiled (as was I with a beautiful new citrine necklace). We ordered some lunch, and then had a long, long overdue catch up, realising the last time we’d met up for a proper catch up was last summer. It hasn’t been for want of trying, but every time we do try to arrange something, one of us falls ill and has to cancel. It was nice just to sit leisurely and talk about what’s been going on in life.

The week that followed was just a conveyor belt of work and me complaining about the bad weather. Seems to be a bit of a pattern actually, it’s so cold and grey right now, I just need some sunshine. Anyway, soon enough, the weekend had come back round, and it was Mother’s Day weekend. Now, I know Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday, and in previous years we’ve gone for nice afternoon teas and suchlike, but this year I didn’t fancy doing that. Instead, I decided we’d have a lovely day out at Helmsley on the Saturday, when things are open and it’s not all just about tea and scones. We wanted a wander around the shops, followed by dinner.

So, we did just that. Me, Little Miss, Mum and Thelma all headed over for mid-afternoon, and it was absolutely freezing. We wandered around the little boutiques, the small department store and of course, my personal favourite, the Fairfax and Favor shop, before retreating to the open fire warmth of the The Black Swan in the late afternoon.

The only thing better than a dog friendly pub/restaurant/hotel is one that doesn’t stuff their dog loving customers into some dingy little corner of the place. It’s quite a big hotel to be fair, and dogs are allowed in any un-carpeted area. We were so grateful to have a nice warm spot to enjoy our Mother’s Day meal. I had the most delicious steak and mushroom pie with mash, washed down with a small glass of Prosecco. It was an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day celebration.

It was early evening by the time we arrived home, but we were all that happy sort of tired that comes from having had a good time.

Sunday morning, I headed off down to Malton to meet up with the chap. The last time I’d met him there I had spotted a lovely, but very busy bistro that looked interesting, the New Derwent. As we arrived early this time, it wasn’t so busy. It was our first stop for breakfast, where I had a rare treat of Eggs Royale, and the chap enjoyed his usual choice of a fry up. I’d definitely go back there, it was just really nice, and the next time I’ll try to get some photographs too.

People watching and dog bothering

After breakfast, it was off to the Cosy Cottage, which is a handmade soap/beauty product shop. I’d ran out of shampoo the day before, so decided to try out one of their Lemongrass oil balancing shampoo bars. I notice since taking my hair even shorter that it gets oily very quickly. Then it was on to my favourite shop in Malton, Kemps bookshop. After a fruitless visit to the charity shop (which was a tad over priced if you ask me), we settled back for a coffee in a comfortable bar. People watching and dog bothering is pretty much how we spent the rest of our time out.

Then, Sunday afternoon, my good friend H popped around to catch up and see my new kitchen. It was lovely to see her as we don’t seem to have seen each other in quite a while. So, that’s two very full and very social weekends that I’ve enjoyed in a row. I think I’m ready for a rest now next weekend, but it’s been lovely catching up with people. I just need this weather to realise that it’s Spring now, and I’m sure I’ll start feeling more energetic.

3 thoughts on “A VIP Cinema Experience, Lunch with the God-Parents and Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. I love a good old catch-up, and there’s so much to love here. Your VIP experience at the cinema definitely sounds like my kind of thing, and as I’m usually having problems sitting still for very long, those reclining chairs sound absolutely perfect!
    What a great idea to celebrate Mother’s Day on a Saturday rather than a Sunday. Nothing better than a wander around the shops followed by dinner at the pub! I’ve got a craving for steak and mushroom pie now, though 🙂 xxx

  2. That was a cracking read! I always feel overwhelmed when I leave it too long before blog posts, too!
    I’ve yet to see the Bob Marley film, even if I wasn’t already a fan I’d probably go as the actor who plays him is gorgeous. Catch a Fire is a brilliant read if you want to know more about Bob and When Bob Marley Came to Britain which is currently on the BBC IPlayer is utterly brilliant.
    I’d be asleep if I had one of those chairs!
    Celebrating Mothering Sunday the day before was an inspired idea, I had no idea it was last Sunday! xxx

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