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A Very Social Week Indeed

I feel like the past couple of weeks has flashed by in a bit of a whirlwind. Little miss finished at Pre-school, which meant a procession of sports days and leaver’s assemblies. I did run in the Mummy’s race, I came second from last. Who knew that the parent’s races were so competitive, there were Mummies there in full on gym kit and trainers and me in a flowing skirt trying not to fall over.

Last weekend, the chap and I had booked to go to Yorkshire pop-up cinema’s screening of the Goonies, and camp out after. Unfortunately, in the week beforehand the chap got the dreaded COVID, and despite testing negative a couple of days before the event, we decided to err on the side of caution and not go. Saturday, I spent some time working in the garden. I’d seen an idea online about hanging shower curtains up with beautiful scenes on them, so having bought one from eBay, I decided to turn one half of my lean to (which is a bit of a dumping ground for toys and the BBQ) into a nice seating area.

Excuse the fact I was too lazy to iron it

Sunday, the chap and I went for dinner at the Coachman in Snainton, where I totally failed to take any photographs because we were talking and chattering and generally having fun times. It’s not that we don’t talk and chatter and generally have fun times at all other times, but this time I forgot to take photos.

Some friend’s of mine have been holidaying up at Whitby, so once I’d finished work on Monday we drove up to meet them for dinner at Abbey Wharf. Once again, totally failed to take any photos but it was absolutely boiling and we were very grateful to be seated near the balcony with a gentle breeze coming in off the sea. A gentle breeze isn’t something you usually get at Whitby, it’s more of a gale force wind, so that’s a mark of how hot it’s been, even in Yorkshire.

Wednesday, after a day in the office, I met up with the chap and we took a wander to Brew York, which is a brewery/ beer hall/ eatery in town.

Neither of us had been before, and were especially impressed by the artwork on the walls.

Not to mention the nice beer and gorgeous Korean street food. This is a place we’ll definitely be visiting again another time.

Saturday, after my friends visiting with their little boy on their way home from their holiday in Whitby (resulting in a lot of tears from little miss when it was time to leave), I ended up on the pier at an event off one of the ships where there was live music and delicious pizza. The weather was amazing and the vibe was so good.

fun in the sun

Yesterday was such a good end to all of the shenanigans. Little miss went to a party in the morning. Her hair has got to a length now where I can start experimenting, and whilst I don’t always have time to, it’s nice when it’s a special occasion, so I successfully did some lovely buns.

Later in the afternoon, I met the chap again, this time in Malton, for a wander and some dinner. There’s an amazing book shop in Malton, and independent one, and I seriously had to exercise some self control.

We had a delicious meal at the Mount, sat outside in the sun and just feeling it getting hotter and hotter as the day went on. I had a delicious risotto and a cheeky prosecco. It was so chilled and relaxed, stay safe everyone though, it’s meant to be a hot few days ahead of us here in the UK.

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