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A Sunday Hen-Do in York

A few days after returning home from Windsor, it was time for my good friend’s Hen-Do in York. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a hen do. I certainly haven’t been to any since living in Yorkshire. The plan was to head down to York, meet for some cocktails, have some food, have some more cocktails and generally enjoy ourselves.

Out came the neon dress I wore a couple of weeks back to Pete Tong. I can see this is going to be a favourite party dress of mine already.

We started off at a bar called Manhatta. I’d last visited there in March, when I went for lunch with the chap. Back then, it hadn’t much atmosphere but it seems that a Sunday before bank holiday makes all the difference. While we were in a big group and bringing our own fun with us, there were still plenty of other people in the bar too, giving it a more vibrant feel.

It was a good choice, not least because it was also 2-4-1 cocktails. My go to cocktail at the moment is an Espresso Martini, I mean, it contains coffee, what’s not to love, but some of the other ladies were being a bit more adventurous with drinks that resembled desserts.

Next up, we were booked in for dinner at Turtle Bay. Again, it was absolutely bustling, and if I’m honest, it was a while back now and I can’t quite remember what I ate, but I always enjoy West Indian food, so I know I wasn’t disappointed. Time was flying by, as it so often does when you’re in a big group of people having fun. Everyone had finished eating (and drinking) and talking, and it was time to head off to The Impossible where we had space booked in their truly amazing, Pink Room.

Rather annoyingly, I spent a lot of time in the Pink Room enjoying the decor and wondering how I could make my home more like it. I’ve not done anything about that yet, the ideas are all still in my head, and that’s probably where they’ll stay.

We took up our reserved spaces on the comfy sofas, enjoying the ambience, and some photo opportunities. It’s definitely one of those places that’s been made with Instagram in mind. It was really buzzing, as I say it was a Sunday before Bank Holiday Monday, so everyone was out to have fun and there was a really good vibe.

Before long, the celebrations were over. It was time to head home, but we’d all had a lovely time celebrating our friend’s forthcoming wedding, and that’s for another blog post.

2 thoughts on “A Sunday Hen-Do in York

  1. It looks like you’ve all had a great time!
    I can’t get over these dessert-like cocktails and that Pink Room looks absolutely amazing, if just a tiny bit over the top! xxx

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