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A Midweek Date at Khao San Road

On a recent date night I had a real fancying for some Thai food. The chap being the laid back type that he is was happy to roll with my suggestion of Khao San Road.

Khao San Road restaurant in York
Looks so pretty from the outside

Located on Walmgate in York, a reasonably short walk from where I work, we booked a table fairly early and went straight there. Neither of us had been before, and were both a little intrigued by the concept of Thai Tapas, which is what the restaurant serves.

Instagrammable setting in York
What a beautiful setting

When we arrived there was only one other couple there, and two things struck me. One was how friendly and accommodating the staff were (it took me 3 attempts to decide where I wanted to sit, good old indecision strikes again), and two, how beautiful the decor is.

Early evening sunlight shining in on the beautiful restaurant

Painted throughout in a deep green and scattered with fake cherry blossom trees all over, this place really is an Instagrammers (or bloggers) dream, and I had my camera out in no time. It was helped by the fact that the late evening sunshine was blazing in through the window and across our cosy little table for two.

Khao San road menu
Where to begin

The menu is extensive, to the point where it’s almost difficult to choose. The good thing is that, since it’s Tapas, you don’t have to choose just one dish, the idea is that you choose multiple and share them, sampling lots of tastes and textures.

Thai duck curry - luxury dining in York
Duck Curry

Between us, we ordered 6 dishes:

  • Laab Hed Tod – Battered Assorted Mushrooms with herbs and spices
  • Steamed Rice
  • Jaw Rong – Prawns with Coconut Milk, Turmeric, Lemongrass and Chilli
  • Kow Pad Sapparod Tala – Pineapple Fried Rice with Egg and Mixed Seafood
  • Gang Pad Yang – Grilled duck breast with tropical fruit in curry sauce
  • Pad Thai Pra to Pee – Pad Thai noodles with beansprouts and egg
Thai food restaurant York the food order
An array of beautiful tastes

The food was reasonably fast coming out, and beautifully presented on little dishes for us to share and enjoy. As we chatted the early evening away catching up on life, we each tried all of the food on the table (with the exception of the duck curry which I didn’t eat because I don’t eat meat, but which the chap assured me was delicious).

Enjoying the delicious banquet

All of the food was divine, although the Jaw Rong was probably a bit spicier than I’m used to. Nonetheless, it was still rich with tastes of coconut and spices, but my overall favourite was the Pad Thai which both me and the chap agreed, was absolutely beautiful and we could happily have eaten a large bowl of that each.

Louise McDonagh Yorkshire lifestyle blogger
In my happy place

It was a bit of a culinary adventure for us both as we got to try dishes that we may not otherwise have tried and I actually think that for people like us who are a little bit adventurous, the idea of a Thai tapas is absolutely perfect. I mean, whilst we had other things to talk about on date night, we were most definitely comparing notes on the dishes we were sampling.

Filled with delicious food, it was time to pay up and head off, but not before the lovely waitress offered to take our photo under the cherry blossom. How could we resist? All in all, Khao San Road was a resounding success for us, and we definitely look forward to going back again sometime soon.

Such a fabulous date night with the chap

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  1. This looks like a lovely place to visit and the food looks good. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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