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A Beautiful Wedding and a Birthday Brunch by the Sea

How quickly time is passing? I can’t believe that it’s a month ago since my friend got married, and I’m only just getting around to telling you about it now. So, you remember early in September I went to my friend’s Hen-do in York? In no time at all, her wedding date had come around, and we were looking forward to the celebrations.

Mrs. C (as she is now) and Mr. C had chosen a lovely venue just on the edge of Scarborough, where the town meets the countryside. It was in one of those beautiful giant tents, with a separate smaller tent for the ceremony itself. Even though Mrs. C had said it was a ‘relaxed wedding’ a few weeks previously, she’s known me long enough to know that I love to dress up. I couldn’t wait to don my Chi Chi dress that I last wore back in December to the work Christmas party. I bought a faux fur cape from Vinted to go with it, and stumbled upon a perfectly matching fascinator in a charity shop in Beverley a few weeks earlier. With my Salvatore Ferragamo wedges (so I didn’t sink into the grass) and my trusty 20 year old Louis Vuitton bag that has really stood the test of time, I was set to go.

The chap looked equally dapper in his gorgeous blue suit. So, we definitely made the most of the dressing up opportunities. The wedding itself was lovely, and the vibe was genuinely very relaxed. People meandered and pottered around the bar tent.

Food was served from fabulous food wagons outside. It was really delicious food too, burgers, chips, pulled pork, just what you need when the cool September air is starting to creep in.

The ceremony was held in a lovely intimate tent, adjacent to the larger party tent. It felt really magical and almost like a woodland retreat wedding. It was absolutely magical, and what’s more, it was so nice to be a part of it.

As the evening started to draw in, it was time for us to leave. We’d had such a fabulous time though, and it was so nice to be invited.

The following morning, I’d promised to take the chap out for a slap up breakfast to celebrate his birthday (which would fall on the following day). Me, him and little Miss went off to a beautiful local cafe that I so often forget about, the Lookout on the pier. This is a cafe/restaurant/bistro whose name describes it perfectly. It’s on the pier, and has an amazing viewpoint over the harbour. It’s everything that you think of when you think of seaside dining.

I’ve only ever eaten breakfast or lunch here, but I’d love to go to one of their Bistro nights. Anyway, we arrived mid-morning. The chap was feeling a bit hungover, which is really not like him at all, and the Lookout was packed. We didn’t think we were going to get a table at all. Just as we were about to leave and go elsewhere, someone got up to leave having finished their breakfast and thankfully, we got the table.

For the chap, a fry up of course. Little miss enjoyed her favourite dish of scrambled eggs on toast, while I opted for a fancy eggs royale, which was absolutely delicious. Tons of coffee and water later, and we were ready for a walk along the beach, where little miss enjoyed a donkey ride.

We finished up in the arcades, and the chap even beat us at a game of bowling (which is most unusual so that breakfast must have been really good). Later that day, back at home, I made him a lovely birthday meal of minted lamb burgers, before he set off for home, and I just vegetated. It had been a very foodie Sunday, again, but was also wonderfully relaxed and fun and the perfect end to what had been a really good weekend.

5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Wedding and a Birthday Brunch by the Sea

  1. What a wonderful venue for a wedding, and I am totally swooning over your outfit. I love all of it, but that cape in particular stole my heart!
    I’m also loving the view of the aptly named Lookout on the Pier! xxx

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